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Create a Simple Lander Element

Voluum TRK TRK Campaign Funnel Landing page


Voluum Info: This guide instructs you how to add the simplest version of the lander to Voluum meaning that there will be no corresponding tokens added to the lander URL. If you need to pass information dynamically using such tokens, read the Creating a Lander with Tokens article.

To add the lander to the Voluum platform, perform the following steps:


Voluum Note: Before starting adding the lander to Voluum, you need to have the landing page URL accessible for quick reference.

  1. Sign in to Voluum.

  2. Go to Landers. The Landers view will show up.

  3. Click the New lander button. The New lander form will show up.

  4. Provide a unique name for your lander.

  5. Provide the URL of your landing page in the Lander URL field, for example:  http://lander_url.com


    Voluum Note: In one campaign funnel all the tracking URLs (including the click URL) need to be set with the same domain.

  6. Select the integer to provide the exact Number of offers for your lander. Once you have saved all the changes and added the lander to Voluum, you cannot modify this value.

  7. (Optional) If the lander is geo-specific, select the Country from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, leave the Global option. This option is only used for organizational purposes and does not determine the traffic source geo-location in any way.

  8. (Optional) To enhance search functionality, you can always add tags to the lander. Remember that tags can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.

  9. Click the Save button. You have added the lander to Voluum.

  10. Go to the Adding Click URLs to a Landing Page article to see how to prepare your landing page.

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