Add a Traffic Source to Voluum from a Template

To run a campaign, you first need a steady stream of traffic to target. Traffic sources provide you with these visitors. You need to configure the traffic source element in Voluum to be able to set up a campaign. The following article will describe creating the new traffic source for the redirect method of tracking.


Voluum traffic source templates provide predefined configurations for creating the new traffic source element effortlessly. All necessary field configuration fields will be filled with the selected traffic source's default setting. You will be able to edit them if need be.

Zeropark is already added to your account for your convenience, so it is not listed here.

Creating the New Traffic Source from a Template

The following steps will guide you how to configure a traffic source based on the Voluum template:

  1. In Voluum, go to Traffic sources.

  2. Click the New traffic source button. The New traffic source - templates pop-up window will show up.

  3. Select the template that you want to use by clicking it.

  4. Click the Load template button. The New traffic source form shows up.

  5. When you load a Voluum traffic source template, all options and text fields are already filled up with default settings. You do not need to change any option or provide any additional information to be able to use this traffic source element in your campaign funnel. However, you can edit any setting you want if you like. To learn more about different options available when creating a traffic source element, read the Add a Custom Traffic Source to Voluum article.

  6. Click the Save button.

What's Next?

After you have created a traffic source element, read the following articles to learn how to add rest of elements:

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