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Adding Click URLs to a Lander


Use click URLs from Voluum Ad Tracker to track clicks on call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your landing page to optimize your click-through rates (CTR).

Click URLs are used to redirect visitors from a lander to an offer. The number of offers and a type of link on a lander will determine the Voluum click URL type:

  • If you want to link to only one offer from your landing page (even from several places) or you want to randomly rotate your offers, you need to use click URL. In this case each click URL, even used several times, leads to the same offer or to a randomly selected offer. 

  • If you want to link to several offers with a corresponding number of CTA links or buttons on the same landing page, use multi-offer click URLs which is like a click URL with an ordinal number attached. This number points to a respective offer. In this case each of the multi-offer click URLs leads to the same, one offer out of several offers used.

Overall, there are four cases which are described in detail in the further parts of this article. These cases contain the following types of information:

  • Which type of click URL should be selected

  • How to paste this URL to a landing page

  • Which options to select in a lander or offer setup for proper visitor redirections.