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Updating to the Workspaces Feature

The update to the Workspaces feature is easy and harmless. All your data will be kept intact and all your invited users will keep access to your account.

Voluum Note: Take into consideration that the update process cannot be reversed.

Voluum Guides You Through the Update Process

After clicking the Get started with Workspaces button in the top right corner of the screen, the update tutorial will show up. It will guide you through the update process. The tutorial consists of four steps. View and read all the information provided by the update tutorial carefully.

  • You can always continue later by clicking the Not now button. 
  • You can move between steps by clicking the Next and the Back buttons.
  • The update process might take up to 5 minutes to finish.

Once the update process is completed, the Workspaces successfully introduced dialog box will show up. Click the Refresh and explore Workspaces in Settings button to reload the application.

Voluum Note: If you use API requests to create or update your campaigns, they need to be updated with a Workspace ID. 

Voluum Creates the First Workspace for You

This is your starting point. After launching the Workspaces feature, you will find the first Private Workspace called the Initial Workspace with all your previously created campaigns assigned to it. All your other elements, such as offers, landers, flows, traffic sources, and affiliate networks will be assigned to the Public Workspace. Since now, every time you will create a campaign element, you and other users will be asked to assign it to a Workspace.

From now on, you can organize work in Voluum for you and, in conjunction with the Multi-User feature, all users invited to your account, in an advanced way:

  • Create new Workspaces with campaigns, offers, landers, flows, traffic sources, and affiliate networks
  • Invite users with Admin or Worker roles
  • Assign your Workers to a particular Workspace(s) to limit their view

Check out the Public and Private Workspaces article for more details.

Your Previously Invited Associates Stays with You

Users that were invited to collaborate on your account prior to the Workspaces feature will have automatically assigned the role of the Worker. They will be assigned to the Initial Workspace, what guarantees the access to campaign funnels they have set before. The Worker has to be assigned to at least one Workspace.

Removing the Worker from the Workspace means that them losing access to all the Workspace’s components.

Now, You Can Manage Workspaces and Users

After updating to the Workspaces feature, you will find a new tab in the Settings view, called Collaboration tools. In this tab, you can manage users and Workspaces. 

  1. Sign in to Voluum.
  2. Go to Advanced module.
  3. Go to the Collaboration tools tab.

    • The Workspaces tab allows you to add new Private Workspaces, edit their names and change user assignments.
    • The Users tab allows you to invite new users, change their roles and workspace assignments.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Have more questions about Workspaces? You might find the answers below:

Does Voluum notify previously invited users about switching to the Workspaces feature?

No, you will have to notify them yourself. After the update process is complete, their account will be automatically switched to the Worker role. After signing in to Voluum, they will see a link to the Being a Worker in Voluum article at the top of the screen, that describes in details the new role they have.

Do you provide any revert option to the previous state?

Currently, the update is one way only and you cannot reverse the applied changes.

Will I still have access to all my data and my previous stats?

Yes. The update process does not delete any data, but only restructures it to give you an option to better organize your workload. Only Workers will have limited access to stats, but you can change their role to Admin for full access at any time.

Can I move a Worker from one Workspace to another?

Yes, you can move Workers to other Workspaces freely. Just keep in mind that the Worker has to have at least one Workspace assigned.

I have the Workspaces feature on my account and I want to downgrade my pricing plan. What will happen with Workers I invited?

Downgrading your pricing plan reduced the number of Workers available. The downgrade is processed at the end of your current billing cycle. You will have to remove Workers that are above your new, downgraded pricing plan till the end of your billing cycle. If you fail to do so, Voluum will remove the overage number of Workers automatically, starting with the most recently added. Pending user invitations will be removed first.

You will get the information about removing your Workers immediately upon downgrade.

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