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Отслеживайте конверсии, используя S2S Postback URL

Voluum TRK Настройка Кампании Конверсии

Если Вы хотите отслеживать конверсии, используя метод перенаправления с Postback URL, Вам необходимо передать значение click ID в партнерскую сеть.

В Voluum регистрируются клик-конверсии и каждому клику присваивается уникальное значение click ID. Уникальное значение click ID будет передано партнерской сети, а затем партнерская сеть передает этот click ID обратно в Voluum, как только конверсия регистрируется в их платформе.

How Does It Work?

In order to track conversions and make the postback URL working, you need to:

  1. Pass Voluum click ID value in an offer URL in a {clickid} token to an affiliate network platform. To do that, take the Voluum {clickid} token and match it with the adequate parameter from the affiliate network from which you have got the offer. Next, append them to the offer's URL. This topic was covered in the Создание Offer Element (Элемента Оффера) article

  2. Submit postback URL to an affiliate network platform to receive Voluums click ID passed in an affiliate network specific parameter. To do that, copy the (secure) postback URL from Voluum and then, change the REPLACE and OPTIONAL strings with affiliate network-specific tokens. Once the strings are replaced, paste the postback URL into the affiliate network's panel. To learn more, read the Добавление Postback URL (Постбека) в Партнерской Сети

Пример 2. An outline how a click ID is passed from and to Voluum

  1. Passing a click ID to an affiliate network platform in an offer URL

    An example of the offer URL:


    When that offer URL is clicked, the {clickid} token is replaced with a unique value, for example c384EFV6JHQODRN70575OK6UG5. Below you can take a look at the offer URL sample with the unique click ID value:

  2. Passing a click ID back to Voluum in a postback URL

    This click ID is then submitted to an affiliate network platform. Then, the postback URL that Voluum provides is used to send back the recorded click ID from an affiliate network platform and it looks as follows:


    In the postback URL you might find also other parameters that are used to pass additional information about the registered tracking event:

    • The example of the postback URL configured to pass the payout information automatically with a dynamic token:

    • The example of the postback URL configured to pass the payout information with a fixed static payout value:



Voluum Note: Parameters used in the offer URL such as s2 and placeholders used in the postback URL such as #s2# or #price# need to be in compliance to those ones which are supported by your network.