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Setting up a Native Campaign - Part 2: Targeting

Voluum DSP DSP Campaign

This part of the guide shows you next step of the native campaign configuration. To perform actions listed below, you need to finish all mandatory steps from the first section of campaign creation.

  1. Start with Geo Targeting section:

    1. Countries - select a country or multiple country for your campaign. If you choose only one, you can target specific states/regions or even cities.

    2. States / regions - this option is not mandatory and can be used only if you choose only one country from the field above.

    3. Cities - this option is not mandatory

  2. In Inventory Targeting section:

    1. You can choose specific Ad Exchange you wish to run your campaign on, or simply select all of them.


      Voluum Note: If you hover an AdExchange it will show you the inventory shared between mobile and desktop, top countries for that specific AdEx as well as the top verticals.

    2. In the Source type, you can choose from where to buy your traffic: web or in-app or both.

    3. Under the Placement control you can choose to use Whitelist or Blacklist of website created in the planning tool. You can read more about it here - link.

  3. Next is device targeting. Your options here are to target by the device (mobile, tablet, desktop) and operating system. You can select some from the list offered or select all of them. Last in this category is connection type which includes WiFi or mobile (3G/4G/LTE).

  4. Click “Next” to move to the next step of campaign creation.

If you want to learn more about other possible targeting options, check the ADVANCED section. Just click “Expand” at the bottom right hand-side corner and read the instructions provided below:

  • Click on Add mobile carriers to find a list of available carriers that are found in the country your campaign is targeting.

  • IDFA/GAID- Select this option if you would like to bid on requests that include either Google (Android) or Apple (iOS) advertising identifier. You can use this option if you want to make sure that campaign records the user’s ID.

  • You can also target a specific IP addresses or IP ranges.

  • Audiences & Retargeting list creation - use those options to define audiences for retargeting. To read more on how to use the retargeting list which you can read more about here.