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How Information is Passed

Voluum TRK TRK Campaign Funnel

Passing information to and from Voluum with a redirect method uses HTTP(S) requests. The anatomy of a typical HTTP(S) request looks like this:



  • http(s) is a type of a protocol used, be that either secure (HTTPS) or non-secure (HTTP)

  • platform_domain.com is a domain name of a target platform. For example, Voluum assigns a Dedicated Domain for each of its users and this domain appears in a campaign URL link.

  • directory is an optional entry that points to a specific resource

  • name: is a name of a parameter that identifies a value that is passed. They has to be recognized by the target platform. So if this request is for example an offer URL that will be received by an affiliate network, it will have to use affiliate network's specific parameter names.

  • {token} is a placeholder for a dynamically generated value, such as click ID, country name, device type and so on. When a request is sent, a token is replaced by a value, so for example a name={token} pair might look like this: country=united_states