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Voluum TRK TRK Campaign Funnel Campaign

A Voluum campaign consists of several specific elements that are defined by an advertiser to firstly, organize the reporting of third party data, and secondly, to determine the destination of their targeted traffic. All this is done by creating a campaign element in Voluum. It binds all elements in Voluum together, so it should be added at the end of a process of preparing a campaign funnel.

Simple and Standard Campaign Forms

Voluum offers two distinct views of the campaign creation form.

  • Simple

    This one is aimed at users that do not need advanced campaign setup options and only want to create quickly a simple campaign without being distracted. The simple campaign form allows you to create a basic campaign with several landers and offers, with one path only, with both direct and redirect method of tracking. All in one simple tab.

  • Standard

    This one allows you to benefit from the full range of options and settings that Voluum has to offer.

Selecting a Campaign Form Type
  1. At first, upon clicking the New campaign button, you will be prompted to select the campaign form type. Click the Try simple form or Use advanced form button to select the desired campaign form type:

  2. After your initial selection, you have an option to select the campaign form type from the drop-down menu each type you click the New campaign button.

  3. Campaigns created with the simple campaign form will be opened in this form, and analogically campaigns created with the standard campaign form will be opened with this campaign form.

  4. You can always turn off the simple campaign form option in Settings / General settings.

  5. Note that campaigns saved or edited in the standard campaign form type will always be opened with this campaign form, so there will never be a case where your settings will be hidden from view.

Before You Start

These are elements that you should have already created before.

  1. Traffic source: You have decided where you want to advertise your offer and you have set up at least one traffic source element in Voluum. You will also have the option to add a new traffic source while creating a campaign. If not, read the Источники Трафика article to learn more.

  2. Offer: (Optional) You have added an offer to Voluum or decided to use the Destination URL option instead. In the latter case you do not have to add an offer element. You will also have the option to add an offer while creating a campaign. Read the Создание Offer Element (Элемента Оффера) article to learn more.

  3. Lander: (Optional) You have decided if you want to use landing pages in your campaign setup or use the Direct linking option instead. In the latter case you do not have to add a lander element. To use landing pages you need to add a lander element in Voluum. If you have not done so yet, you will also have the option to add a lander while creating a campaign. Read the Создание Lander Element (Элемента Лэндинга) article to learn more.

  4. Flow: (Optional) You have decided if you want to use a flow, set up a path or provide the Destination URL. Read the while creating a campaign. Flows, Paths and Listicles article to learn more.


Voluum Info: If you want to use the direct method of tracking, you will have to use landers and set up a campaign element and a traffic source with certain options enabled. Read the  Tracking Visits with Direct Tracking Pixel article to learn how to do that.

Creating a Campaign Element:

The following 3-step guide will instruct you how to add a campaign element in Voluum: