Integrate with Zeropark

Voluum is now fully integrated with Zeropark, a self-serve advertising platform which combines a programmatic ad-buying technology with advanced campaign settings and analytics. The integration with Zeropark aims to give our advertising partners more transparency and control over their ad campaign management.

Zeropark and Voluum work best in tandem. Using the same, robust infrastructure, redirections between them are lightning fast, tracking becomes as easy as it gets, and the synergy effect of integrating both solutions allows you to maximize your profit.


Integrating your Zeropark and Voluum accounts gives you access to much more sophisticated ways of managing your campaigns. It is both easier and more advanced. With the integration performed, you can:

Free Zeropark Tracking


No event count limit. This means you can track as many Zeropark campaigns as you want. The events from those campaigns do not count toward the total event count in Voluum.

Campaign Command Center


Manage all of your Zeropark campaigns directly. You can change bids, pause, resume or even delete your campaigns straight from the tracker.

Money-Saving Solution


Test and analyze Zeropark campaigns. Voluum Identifies potential issues with the campaign setup and prevents Zeropark from sending traffic to those flawed campaigns so none of your money gets wasted.

Higher ROI


Use Zeropark and Voluum combined power to get valuable data-driven insights to achieve a higher ROI. Zeropark and Voluum utilize the same database for a more accurate conversion tracking. Voluum’s auto optimization features also let your Zeropark campaigns achieve a higher ROI.

How It Works

After successfully integrating you accounts, every Zeropark campaign can be updated with Voluum's campaign URL. No more setup is necessary, all tokens will be configured automatically. Such campaigns will utilize all benefits mentioned above.