Voluum Documentation

Voluum Features: Overview

You might have one question at this point: Why Voluum?

There is no one answer to this question. There are many answers. Each feature is an answer, each day of up-time, each beta feature is an answer in the making.

Find your answers in the list below:

You can track better with Voluum

✔ Voluum supports different methods of tracking, so you can be compliant with the requirements of different traffic sources:

✔ Learn about your visitors: who they are, where they come from, what works for them and how they reacted to your offers.

Track impressions for free.

✔ Keep records of all costs and never lose track of a single dollar:

✔ Your traffic is under your control with Voluum Dedicated Domains:

You can work smarter in Voluum

✔ Organize your workload. Collaborate with others.

  • Separate your campaign element into different Workspaces to segregate your content or divide work.

  • Use Multi-User to invite your associates to work on your campaigns. Change their roles and Workspace assignments to restrict their access to certain part of data.

  • Share your dynamically updated data with third parties.

✔ Never loose touch with your campaigns. Use the Voluum Mobile App and always be up-to-date with what is going on in your campaigns. Be notified about everything that is important to you in web and mobile applications.

✔ Do you want to add or edit several elements at once? You can use bulk actions to save time even if you have more than 200 elements.

✔ Benefit from integrations with Zeropark and Voluum DSP platforms. Manage your campaigns directly in Voluum.

✔ Work outside Voluum and automate task by accessing the Voluum API.

✔ Keep everything secure and under control:

✔ Do not make even one unnecessary click: 

With Voluum, you can learn more

Expand your knowledge. Standing still is falling behind.

With you, Voluum can optimize your campaigns

✔ Bring science to your lucky guesses about your data:

✔ Do not only read your data - shape your data.

  • Retarget your traffic to the most relevant offers by creating sophisticated rule-based paths. Show only landing pages and offers in a language corresponding to visitor language. Test different hypothesis.

  • Rotate your offers on a landing page or display dynamic content there that resonates with visitors best.

  • Do not loose traffic when an affiliate network put a limit on number of conversions for an offer: redirect traffic from this offer to an alternative one and don't stop earning money.

Go beyond what trackers usually offer

✔ Overwhelmed by problems with invalid traffic? No you have tools to fight back.

✔ Be compliant with different legal frameworks regarding privacy. Anonymize IP addresses in Voluum reports.

And lastly: be treated fairly

✔ Always know how much tracking costs you and how you can benefit from it:

So, what is your answer?