Voluum DSP: Redirect Domain

I. Redirect Domain setup

The Redirect Domain field can be found in the BASICS section after selecting Flow as your Destination.. Click the drop-down menu in order to display all available domains (this includes Legacy*, Dedicated and Custom domains):


The Redirect Domains setup applies to campaigns which are using at least one landing page in the funnel and/or are using tracking pixels for conversion tracking. In order to make the redirection from the landing page to the offer work, the DSP Redirect Domain needs to match the click URL domain used on the lander. To properly track conversions with the use of tracking pixels, the Redirect domain has to correspond with the tracking pixel domain used on the thank you page.


Voluum Note: Choosing a wrong DSP Redirect Domain will result in error 400, which means the redirection to the offer will not work, clicks won’t be counted in Voluum and the tracking pixel won’t be fired. Redirect domain doesn't affect conversion tracking in case of DSP Postback.

II. Campaign Without Landers

For campaigns using Destination URL as a destination option, the Redirect Domain setup section is hidden. If you use flows without landers in the campaign funnel, the Redirect Domain will be selected by default. No additional setup is needed.

Does DSP Redirect Domain work with SSL Certificate? It will work only for domains which support SSL. If your Dedicated Domain does not have SSL enabled, learn how to switch the SSL for your Dedicated Domain by reading this article.


Voluum Tip: Legacy domains are soon to be deprecated. If possible, use Dedicated or Custom domains while configuring your campaigns (Redirect Domain), landers (click URL) and thank you pages (tracking pixels).