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Voluum TRK TRK Campaign Funnel Tracking Without Redirection


Visit Tracking Pixel Released

Visit Tracking Pixel has been released as Direct Tracking Pixel. If you still use Visit Tracking Pixel, you are kindly asked to switch to the Direct Tracking Pixel setup. For more information, go to the Tracking Visits with Direct Tracking Pixel article. This version of the pixel will be soon deprecated.

Visit Tracking Pixel is a tracking method in Voluum that enables you to track your campaign without the initial redirect what speeds up the process of redirecting visitors. Moreover, it allows to track organic as well as paid traffic coming to your landing page. All visits will be registered in Voluum.

The Visit Tracking Pixel feature gives you the following crucial benefits:

  • Accelerate the process of redirecting visitors from the traffic source to your landing page; there is no redirection-in-the-middle hence, all visitors jump straight to the page

  • Track all traffic that comes to your page: organic and paid one; both types of traffic can be monitored in your reports in Voluum

  • Every refresh of the landing page is recorded as a new visit meaning that each time your visitor can see a different set of offers in a given campaign funnel

  • Open the door to the ad exchanges that disapprove the campaign funnels where the redirection-in-the-middle is used: with Visit Tracking Pixel you just paste a code snippet to your landing page and provide the ad exchange the URL of the page

  • Speed up your mobile campaign funnels, particularly when the mobile Internet connection is slow: without the initial redirect visitors go directly to your page

Visit Tracking Pixel is a JavaScript code that you add to your landing page what allows to make an HTTP request to Voluum without the redirect. Moreover,  it adds information to the click URL, so every click will follow the correct offer. In the Voluum platform every visit to the lander URL is recorded and displayed in your reports. All parameters are passed with the lander URL from the traffic source thus, all the associated data is also reported in Voluum along with the visit.


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