Voluum Documentation

User Management

The User Management functionality enables you as an Account Owner to grant shared access to the account along with the available functionality and data contained therein. Access is granted by the primary user, the Account Owner, to trusted parties, users, by email invitation only.

One of the scenarios where you might need to share data with other workmates is collaborating on the analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns contained within a single Voluum account. In that case, the owner of the Voluum account can invite their workmates as users to their account without the need of disclosing the account’s actual sign-in credentials. Invited associates will then have their own independent sign-in credentials to access the shared account.

The number of the associates who might be invited to Voluum depends on the pricing plan that the Account Owner has subscribed to:

  • Discover pricing plan: None

  • Profit pricing plan: 2 additional users

  • Grow pricing plan: 5 additional users

  • Custom: To be adjusted while discussing the pricing plan

You need to take into account that the Account Owner and associated users have different, predefined permissions to the data stored in the Voluum platform. The Account Owner can exclusively access information in the following tabs:

The invited users can view, edit, and create most of the entities in the Voluum platform, including the basic ones such as traffic sources, affiliate networks, offers, landers and campaigns.

Account Owner: Invite Users to Voluum

If you are the Account Owner, you can easily invite other people to Voluum. You only need to know their email addresses beforehand. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Sign in to Voluum.

  2. Click the profile_settings.png icon (top right corner of the screen). The Settings view will show up.

  3. Go to the User management tab. You will get the following pieces of information:

    • How many people can be invited to Voluum within a given pricing plan

    • How many people you have already invited and now, you have been waiting for them to accept the invitations

    • How many people you can still invite to the Voluum platform

  4. To start inviting a user to the Voluum platform, enter the email address in the text field and click the Send invitations button to forward the invite.


    Voluum Tip: If you want to invite more than one associate, add the emails to the text field with each email separated by a comma:

  5. The details of the invited people you can find on your pending invitations list:

    • To revoke an invitation, click the trash_icon.png button beside the invited user. Once the invitation is revoked, the user will not have access to the owner’s account.

    • Accepted users can be viewed in the List of users section:

    • To remove a user from the list of users, click on the x_button.png button next to the user's email.

User: Accept an Invitation

Once you have received the invitation from the account owner, you need to click the Accept Invitation link (a validation link) supplied within the email.

Below you can see a sample of an email invitation sent from the account owner to a newly invited user:


{the_owner_account_first_name_last_name} invited you to join {the_owner_account_name} on Voluum.

Accept Invitation

Best regards,

Voluum Team


Voluum Info: If you have been invited as a user without previously owning the Voluum account, you will be required to complete the sign-up process after clicking the invitation link in the email.

Account Owner vs. User Scenario

With the User Management functionality, it is also possible to have a primary account as an owner and be invited to a separate owner’s account as a user. Once the invitation is accepted, the owner can then switch between their own primary panel and the secondary owner’s panel as a user.

  1. Sign in to Voluum with the credentials of the account owner.

  2. Once you have signed in, hover over the username (top right corner of the screen): the drop-down menu will get displayed with the secondary Voluum account(s) in which you have been accepted as a user.

  3. Click one of the available usernames to switch to the other Voluum account.