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(Beta version) Traffic Log in the Anti-Fraud Kit

Voluum TRK Anti Fraud Kit Traffic Log Beta Version

Traffic Log, available on all pricing plans, allows you to extract raw visit data in a form of a CSV file. This CSV file contains a certain scope of information that allow you to perform the most in-depth analysis. To read more about this feature, read the Traffic Log: Overview article.

The Anti-Fraud Kit feature enhances the scope of information that you can get in the standard Traffic Log. With the Anti-Fraud Kit feature enabled on your account you can get Anti-Fraud Metrics in a Traffic Log. The list of metrics is shown below:

  • Known Data Centers

  • Badly Ranked Websites

  • Fast Clickers

  • Frequent Events IP

  • Frequent Events Campaign IP

  • User Agent - Unrecognized Device

  • User Agent - Library Robots

  • User Agent - Unsupported OS version

  • User Agent - Unrecognized UA

Read the (Beta version) Anti-Fraud Metrics: Listing to learn how those metrics are defined. All other elements of this feature work in the same way as in the standard version.

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