Tracking with a Redirect Method

A redirect method is a recommended one due to ease of setting it up. This method is based on URL redirection. A visitor clicks an advertisement and activates a campaign URL that is hidden beneath it. This link redirects the visitor not to an offer or a landing page, but to the Voluum platform. A Voluum Dedicated Domain or a user's Custom Domain CNAMEd to the Dedicated Domain is used to capture the incoming visitor. Then Voluum records a visit of that person with any additional information passed along and then directs the visitor again to an offer or a landing page. Links to an offer or a landing page are set up in Voluum.

So Voluum acts as a middleman in a visitor's journey from an advertisement to an offer.

What Are the Advantages of a Redirect Method of Tracking?

A redirect method is an industry's gold standard for tracking visitor's related activities. You can create a custom-tailored campaign funnel that suits your needs best, be that a very easy campaign funnel without a landing page or a complex one, with several landing pages in different paths. It is a flexible and scalable solution that should fit most of your business requirements.

  • Simple setup: With this method of tracking you are not required to use a landing page. You can go for the simplest setup and have your traffic send directly to an offer from an advertisement.

  • Ease of setting up: A redirect method of tracking is very straightforward and does not require dealing with any code blocks.

  • Rotating landers: In general, a direct method of tracking does not allow you to rotate landers. It links a lander directly with a direct tracking URL that is placed under an advertisement. With the redirect method of tracking you can use several landers within one campaign funnel, perform A/B testing and so on.

  • Voluum AI: This is a direct consequence of the previous point: using several landers and offers in one campaign funnel allows you to benefit from Traffic Distribution AI feature. This allows you to allocate traffic to the most performing elements in an automatic way.

What Are the Limitations of a Redirect Method of Tracking?

Despite its abundance it an affiliate marketing industry, there are some drawback of using a redirect method, chief among which are:

  • Traffic source's support: Some traffic source platforms disapprove visitors redirects on the basis that they don't know where their customer actually goes. They might block campaign using redirects and approve only those leading directly to offer-related web pages.

  • Speed: Redirects slow down visitor's journey from an advertisement to an offer. Voluum offers lightning-fast redirects, but on slow Internet connections it may add an undesirable fraction-of-a-second delay. 

  • Organic traffic: Traffic that stumbles upon your landing page or offer outside our intended campaign funnel (not by clicking an advertisement) will not be tracked and even directed further. Without clicking an initial campaign URL a visitor will only see a "404 error" message or another web page that you have set up for such occasion in Voluum's Root Domain settings.

  • Redirect visible: Visitors might be discouraged from continuing their journey toward an offer if they see a redirection link in a web browsers address bar that goes to an unknown domain.

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