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Tracking Conversion Cost (CPA and RevShare)

Voluum TRK TRK Campaign Funnel Cost Payout

Voluum enables you to track the conversion cost of offer(s) that you advertise, and store it in the platform. You can set the option of storing the conversion cost in Voluum while creating / editing the campaign.

Sending the conversion cost for a given offer back to the traffic source is possible if you define the traffic source postback URL accurately. However, you should keep in mind that the information can be passed on to the traffic source, if only the traffic source supports this functionality.

Storing the Conversion Cost in Voluum

The CPA and RevShare cost model available in the campaign's setup gives you the opportunity to track the cost of each registered conversion:

  • For the CPA model you just need to provide the cost value manually.

    • Cost value: This is a fixed cost that you can provide in the field. This is an amount of money that you pay to the traffic source for advertising your offer. This value is totally independent of the offer's payout.

  • For the RevShare cost model, the fraction of the offer's payout is automatically taken and stored in Voluum.

    • Percentage share: This is a percentage of the amount of money paid for the offer. In other words, it is a percentage fraction of the payout set in the offer's setup. The cost is calculated regardless you set the Auto or Manual payout option in the offer's setup.


To track the conversion cost in Voluum, follow the steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to Campaigns. The Campaigns view will show up.

  2. Create the new campaign or edit the existing one.

  3. Go to the Cost model section and select:

    • The CPA radio button if you want to track the fixed value of the conversion

    • The RevShare radio button to define the percentage share of the offer's payout as your conversion cost

Sending the Conversion Cost to the Traffic Source

For both cost model options the information about the conversion cost can be easily transferred to the traffic source. Regardless which cost model (CPA or RevShare) is set in the campaign's setup, you can add the {conversion.cost} token either to the traffic source postback URL or pixel redirect URL to pass on the cost information.

  1. In Voluum ,go to Traffic sources. The Traffic sources view will show up.

  2. Create the new traffic source or edit the existing one.

  3. Go to the Traffic source postback URL field and define the postback URL: To track the conversion cost you need to add the {conversion.cost} token and match it with the adequate parameter provided by your traffic source. Your traffic source should say which parameter should be added to the URL to pass the cost data back to the source following conversion.


    Voluum Note: It is highly recommended that you review your traffic source’s tracking documentation to verify which parameters are supported and what kind of data can be sent back in the postback URL. Some traffic sources might not support the functionality to pass the cost information back to them.


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