Tracking Clicks

A click is an event generated when a visitor activates a click URL on a landing page. So if no landing page is used in your campaign funnel, clicks will not be registered. 

Benefits of Using a Landing Page

Extending visitors journey wit an additional step might seem counterproductive, but it is considered beneficial in the long run. Some of the benefits include:

  • Displaying several offers to a user. Other offers might be more attractive to the user than the one that originally interested the user.

  • Testing different offers. Using several offers on a landing page allows you to find out which offer is most attractive to your users.

  • Including additional information. You can include some additional text or creatives to make your offer more appealing.

  • Personalizing your advertisement. With Voluum, you can display a personalized message based on users' characteristics, like a phone model or an OS version. Messages such as "Hello, iPhone user" might be more relevant to a visitor.

Additionally, a click to visit ratio, known as CTR, is a good indicator of how attractive your message is.

Clicks in Different Methods of Tracking

Using landing page is a necessity when a direct method of tracking is used. A landing page is a place where a direct script is injected and run, and therefore, you cannot track only visits with this method of tracking.

With a redirect method of tracking, decision about using a landing page in your campaign funnel (and consequently, tracking clicks) should be driven by your business requirements. 

Creating Necessary Elements for Tracking Clicks

To correctly track clicks in Voluum, you need to create a lander element in Voluum with a URL that leads to your landing page, and add a click URL to your landing page under a CTA button or link. This click URL direct a visitor towards your offer or offers.

Advanced Tracking Settings

If you want you can use the same click URL in different campaign funnels. In order to do that, you will have to pass information about which domain was used during a visit and set up your landing page in a way that will allow click URL to be built automatically with the correct domain name.