System Notifications and Preferences

System notifications are predefined events that you will be notified about immediately after they occur. They do not have any time range or any other customization option and they are applied globally. This means that, for example, with the First conversion system notification enabled you will be notified every time the first conversion occurs in any campaign that you run.

Notification Preferences

In the notification preferences, you can select system events that you want to be notified about, check if notifications are enabled in your web browser and download Voluum Mobile application. To go to the notifications preferences, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the notification_icon.png button in the top right corner of the screen. The Inbox preview will appear.

  2. Click the configure_notifications.png icon at the top of the Notifications pop-up list.

  3. The Notification preferences view will appear.

Browser Notification Status

This section allows you to verify if you have enabled notifications correctly. If yes, then you will see status: Enabled.


If notifications are not allowed in your web browser, you will see status: Disabled.

Mobile Notifications

The Mobile Notifications section provides you with Voluum Mobile application download links. The Voluum Mobile application offers, among many others, the mobile notifications feature that will allow you to be notified about any important event on the go. Click on the link that corresponds to the mobile platform that you use and install the app. To learn more about the Voluum Mobile application, read the Voluum Mobile Application: Overview article.

System Notifications

In the Notification preferences view there is a list of predefined events, called System notifications. When enabled and all conditions are met, you will receive a notification. There are the following system notifications:

  • First conversion in campaign: You will be notified when your campaign receives the first conversion.

  • Conversion cap at 75% of daily limit: You will be notified when conversions in the offer reach 75% of the daily cap limit.

  • Conversion cap at 100% of daily limit: You will be notified when conversions in the offer reach 100% of the daily cap limit.

  • Limit of events exceeded: You will be notified about exceeding the limit of events included in your subscription.

  • Limit of events exceeded twice: You will be notified when you exceed the limit of events included in your subscription twice.

  • Payment failed: You will be notified when your automatic payment for the new billing month fails.

  • Payment success: You will be notified when your payment has been received only if your earlier payment has failed.

You can disable notification about any of those events by switching the toggle off.