Standard Guide

The following Standard Guide guide provides an introduction to the Voluum tracking platform. Voluum tracks data generated by users that viewed and clicked on your ads to make the most of your campaigns. It allows to analyze and optimize your digital ad campaigns, create detailed reports, organize your work, and automatically optimize traffic distribution with built-in AI mechanisms. It is an essential tool for performance marketers that want to maximize their profits.

The image below visualizes how your business translates into the setup in Voluum:


When an advertisement is supposed to be seen by visitors, in a tracking language it means that you need to have a traffic source where this ad will be displayed. This is where your visitors come from. The process of promoting an offer starts in the traffic source and guides visitors along a campaign funnel. Thus, the campaign funnel needs to be created in advance. Voluum is a place where you create such campaign funnels with either landing pages and offers or offers only. You can prepare offers on your own or get them from an affiliate network. In this guide you, will see how all those elements work together.

Consider the situation when you got an offer from an affiliate network to promote shoes. You will get a payout every time a visitor buys a pair of these shoes. You have prepared an advertisement and you have defined your audience in terms of a geographic location, age, sex and other. You have also chosen where you want to advertise your offer, be that in Facebook or on blogs of fashion stylists. Lastly, you have decided to use a separate web page where you will show a visitor different types of shoes in hope that this person might be more inclined into buying a different model than the one from the ad. This web page is called a landing page. The place where you display our ad is a traffic source platform. The store where visitor can purchase shoes is your offer. And the sole act of promoting an offer is called the campaign.

These elements of your campaign have their counterparts in Voluum. They need to be added and properly configured to track visitor's traffic in your campaign. Voluum offers you two methods of tracking events: a direct one and a redirect one. Due to the ease of setting up, this guide will describe the redirect method only. However, bear in mind that most of what you will learn when following this guide is also relevant to the direct method of tracking.

Before You Start

Make sure that you have:


The Getting Started guide consist of four steps that will teach you how to use Voluum's basic features. It is recommended to follow these steps in order. However you can skip a step if you feel that you are familiar with a subject or come back to any step to make sure that everything is clear for you.


After reading this guide you will know, how to set up a campaign in Voluum with an offer and a landing page. We will show you how to create a simple redirect rule, that will guide users that match certain criteria to one offer and all other users to a default offer. Then we will teach you how to track conversions. Lastly you will learn, how to test your campaign funnel to make sure that everything was set up properly.