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The following article goes through different options available when creating a new type of a report, called a specific report. After reading it, you should be able to display the desired sets of data in your report.

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What is a Specific Report?

A specific report is a report that shows data only related to one element in a given category. The most popular is the specific report created for a single campaign. Once opened, you can see there campaign details such as which offers or landers are in the campaign funnel.

The specific report allows you to go into more detailed data beyond overall indicators available in the global report view. You can learn more about your audience. You will be able not only to see, IF your campaign, or offer, or lander performs, but also you will see WHERE they perform.

Creating a Specific Report

Each specific report is opened in the tab just like a website opens in the web browser. The tab settings are only stored throughout your session. You can save your report settings after your sessions expires by bookmarking it, what is described in the Bookmarking Your Report article.

In the below example, a specific report for the campaign will be created. Follow the steps below:

  1. In Voluum, go to Campaigns. The Campaigns view will show up.

  2. Select the campaign that you want to create the specific report for and click the Report button. In this example, the selected campaign is My traffic source - Global - Winter offers.

  3. The report will be opened in the new tab.


You can open many specific reports for many elements in multiple tabs and switch between them by clicking the report's tab name. To close the specific report, click the close_report_icon.png button next to the report's name. To return to the main view, click the HOME tab.


Voluum Note: The specific report displays only elements with traffic. For example, if there is an offer in the campaign funnel that did not record a single event, such offer will not be shown in the specific report.

Different Report Settings

Upon creating your specific report, you can select different settings to narrow down your data or group it by chosen criteria. You can mix different report settings, for example use both grouping and drilling-down options to outline the most insightful report for you.


Grouping allows you to narrow the data to see only those stats that match all selected criteria. With grouping you can see, for example, which offers convert in which country for the selected campaign or what landing pages perform better in what cities. This might tell you how your offers perform for different audiences.

Watch the below video tutorial or read further to learn more.

There are different grouping criteria available for different campaign elements or categories.


In the following example, you will learn how to check how your offers (criterion 1) perform on various device types (criterion 2) for a selected campaign.

  1. Create a specific report for your My Traffic Source - Global - Winter Offers campaign in a manner described in the Creating a Specific Report section.

  2. Criterion 1 (Offers):

    • Select the first grouping criteria by selecting the Offers from the first grouping drop-down menu.

  3. Criterion 2 (Device types):

    • Select the second grouping criteria by selecting the Device types from the second grouping drop-down menu.

  4. Click the Apply button.

  5. Note the unfold_icon.png icon appearing next to the offer name. Click the unfold_icon.png icon to expand device types in the selected offer.

  6. You can see how much traffic you had in the selected offer divided by a device type.



Voluum Info: You can select up to 3 grouping criteria at a time.

Drill-down a Report

The drill-down report gives you a more granular view of the report. With this feature, you can investigate the numbers behind specific campaign elements or take a closer look at some categories. Contrary to the grouping, which shows you the conjunctive of different sets of data, the drill down report digs into the ever-narrowing funnel of data.


In the following example, you can see how your My Traffic Source - Global - Winter Offers campaign (drill-down level 1) performs in the United States  (drill-down level 2) on Mobile phones (drill-down level 3) for your offers. You will need to drill-down into three levels of detail to get this data. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Drill-down level 1 (Campaign):

    • Create a specific report for your My Traffic Source - Global - Winter Offers campaign in a manner described in the Creating a Specific Report section.

  2. Drill-down level 2 (Country):

    • Select the United States country.

    • Click the Drill-down button.


    Voluum Info : You will notice the selected drill-down levels at the top bar of the report tab (the first level will be a campaign element or category that the report is based on, in this example: My Traffic Source - Global - Winter Offers campaign).

  3. Drill-down level 3 (device type):

    • Click the Device types category and select the Device types option from the drop-down menu.

    • Select the Mobile phone device type entry in the table and click the Drill-down report button.

Now you can view your stats within the narrowed report. Your drilled-down report should look like this:



Voluum Info: You can select up to 7 drill-down levels at a time.

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