Site Content

Site Content Feature allows you to optimize your campaign based on the context of the websites. Based on our experience specific products perform better on sites with context related to promoted products/services. For example, for nutrition-related campaigns iCTR and CTR can be up to 300% better on websites which are contextually related to topics such as: food & drink, health & beauty, sensitive subjects (examples below).


What is Site Content in my campaign report?

When your campaign is active, Voluum DSP automatically categorizes all purchased web traffic and gives you all necessary insights via real-time reporting. Based on performance of specific segments you can bid up, bid down, or completely pause non-performing content categories.



Voluum DSP Note: This feature is enabled for all web traffic with english language on it – it’s free to use and will work automatically!

How to benefit from it?

Enter the Site content report:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Campaigns tab.

  2. Select a campaign that you want to analyze.

  3. Click the Report button

  4. In the specific Campaign report, select Site content tab.

Best practices:

  • Never pause the ‘Not Categorized’ segment – it's a place where all new traffic will appear, and you don't want to miss the opportunity! Important – remember that for in-app Ad Exchanges and non-English traffic you will see ONLY ‘Not Categorized’ content because the feature works only with web traffic and English language.

  • Don’t pause the categories right after starting the campaign just because you suspect they may not work for your offer. Take time to gather more data. Only then, based on the performance (Cost, Conversions, iCTR), decide and pause the worst categories; some of them will not perform for your offer if they’re not finding the right audience.

  • When you run nutrition-related campaigns pay attention to site content related to Health/Nutrition; iCTR and CTR can be few times higher than for other non-related categories

How did magic happen?

When a campaign is winning traffic, Voluum DSP crawls through the website which delivers traffic (specific URL/article on the website) and checks for certain keywords and phrases. Then, keywords are pushed through technology built by Voluum DSP. Within minutes, a specific address of a given domain is stored and properly categorized.

  1. If the site was not categorized previously (Website A), Voluum DSP categorizes the website (it will show as “Not categorized”)

  2. Once the website (Website A) is categorized, “Site content” report will show a new category (“News”), however other new domains will appear as “Not categorized” (Website B)

  3. If all domains are categorized, new categories will appear and the “Not categorized” segment will start to decrease in volume.