Setting up a Native Campaign - Part 3: Budget tab

In this tab, you can define your budget settings and constrictions.

  1. The Max bid option is the maximum amount you are ready to pay for 1000 impressions. Provide the value in the Max bid text field. Don't forget that depending on the ad exchange chosen you might participate in either 1st price or 2d price auctions thus adjust your bid accordingly. Once you define your targeting (geo, ad exchange, device), the Bid reach section will show how much traffic you are potentially able to bid on with the selected bid value.


    Voluum DSP Note: You need to define your targeting (i.e country, ad exchange and device type) to be able to see bid recommendations.

  2. Provide the value in the Total budget text field to limit the amount of money that you are ready to spend on your campaign. Mind that the maximum amount accounts for $50,000. If you want your budget to be higher, choose the unlimited option, just set the Unlimited budget toggle to on.

  3. Optionally, you can set daily budget limit, daily limits of spending per site, app or widget or lastly, daily limit per ad exchange if you target more than one within a single campaign. Provide a value into the text field or keep a specific budget unlimited by using toggles. You cannot have all the options in your Budget tab selected as unlimited, at least one of them should have a set budget.

  4. Select the appropriate spend strategy for your campaign. You can select one of two options:

    • ASAP: The budget will be spent as soon as possible only if all bid-winning conditions are met.

    • Smooth: Your budget will be distributed evenly throughout the day. When selecting the Smooth strategy, be sure your daily budget is sufficient enough to be distributed evenly throughout a day.

  5. Click the Next button to go to the CREATIVES tab.