Setting up a Native Campaign - Part 6: Optimization

This step is optional for the initial campaign creation. You should get back to this section when you have stats collected for your campaign and you want to start optimizing. We recommend setting them up after the campaign spends some budget (i.e 100$)

  1. Auto-optimization: The Auto-optimization feature is a machine learning algorithm that automatically optimizes your campaign towards a specified performance model (iCTR, CPV,  CPC or CPA). For more information read the Auto-Optimization article.

  2. Auto-pause: It allows you to pause certain elements if they meet the criteria setup by you. Create a new Auto pausing rule or choose a previously created one from a drop-down menu. For more information on how to create an Auto pausing rule please read the (Beta Version) DSP Auto Pausing article.

  3. Capping:

    • Frequency capping allows you to limit the number of times your advertisement will be displayed on a unique device per day.


      Voluum DSP Note: One ISP typically allows one IP address. It's recommended to increase frequency capping to make sure you target every single user under one IP.

    • Impression per widget allows you to limit the number of times your advertisement will be displayed on a single widget.

  4. Campaign schedule:

    • Campaign time settings: Select the time and end date of your campaign.

    • Day parting : By clicking Run campaign on a schedule you can choose a time of the day or days of the week when you want your campaign to buy traffic. Note that it is set to run 24/7 by default.


To finish the creation of your campaign and submit it for approval, click the Save button. You will get information about successful creation of your campaign/campaigns Click the Done button.