Setting up a Native Campaign - Part 5: Creatives

The part of this guide will show you how to create effectively and quickly multiple ads for your campaigns. In this tab, all fields are required.

  1. Click the Upload creative button.

  2. Main image: Upload creatives by clicking the browse file option or drag &drop images. Make sure to add appropriate sizes for the chosen network.


    Voluum DSP Note: Main image size, Headlines, Description length, Icon image size will depend on Ad Exchange. Pay attention to the requirements given for each ad element. Depending on the network chosen, adequate valid tips will be displayed.

  3. Headline: Provide the text for the headline. This will be the main text displayed in your native ad unit. If you want to add more than one headline, put one headline per line. In this case, each headline will be combined with each image. You will get multiple versions of the same ad.


    Capitalisation: If you want each word to be capitalized, enable this option with the toggle.

  4. Description: This section allows you to provide additional promotional information about your product. It is not always displayed in the ad unit. You can use the same text here as in the headline.

  5. Displayed brand name: Put the brand of the promoted product.

  6. Icon image: It is used for mobile in-feed or in-app placements. Click the browse file option to upload an icon image.

  7. CTA: Put your text that will be displayed on your call to action button of your ad. It should encourage people to click on your ad. Use: "Click", "Read more", "Find out more", etc.

  8. Once you provide all necessary information, the Create button will become active. Click it to generate an ad.


Your ad has been generated. You can create more ads or click the Next button to go to the Optimization tab.