Setting up a Native Campaign - Part 1: Ad Exchange

To start creating a Native campaign in Voluum DSP, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Campaigns. The Campaigns view will show up.

  2. Click the New campaign button. From the drop-down menu choose the New DSP campaign.

  3. Choose the Native type. The New campaign form will show up.


There are six short steps to create a native campaign: Ad Exchange, Setup, Targeting, Bid&Budget, Creatives, and Optimization. You will have to complete them all to launch a campaign.

Overview of the Campaign Creation Process

In each one of six tabs of the campaign form, you can find the following information:

A. DSP Campaign ID: It is a unique campaign ID assigned automatically to a campaign once your set up is finished and saved. You do not need to do anything there. Just remember that you can easily find it here. It is a good practice to provide the AM with the campaign id instead of the name.

B. Approval status: Status of your campaign after Approval process. It can be Approved, Partially approved, or Rejected. Click the Learn more link in the tooltip to see any important comments left by the Approval team regarding the content of your campaign.

C. Campaign status: Set up your campaign status. Remember that when active, your campaign will start running immediately when approved.

Navigating the Ad Exchange tab

The following section instructs how to navigate and find additional information about Ad Exchanges:

  • A. Search box: You can use it to easily find the network of your preference.

  • B. Ad Exchange: Select an Ad Exchange

  • C. Auction type:

    • In a first price auction you pay exactly what you set as the max bid for your campaign.

    • In a second price auction you pay not the winning bid but the second one.

  • D. Device type: It shows the ratio between traffic coming from mobile and desktop devices.

  • E. High-volume countries: This column shows the geos with the highest volumes per respective network.

  • F. In app/web: This column shows the ratio between traffic coming from applications and sites.

  • G. Avg daily volumes: This column shows daily amount of traffic that you can expect.

Selecting an Ad Exchange
  1. Start with choosing the Ad Exchange for your campaign. You can only select one Ad Exchange per campaign.

  2. Click the Next button to go to the Setup tab.


To see more detailed stats about Voluum DSP inventory, go to the Planning tool. We strongly recommend checking it before opening the campaign as it has detailed stats for each network. If you click on the Planning tool below the table with ad exchanges, the planning tool will open in a separate window.