III. Review Process

Main Rules

Every new campaign is manually reviewed for security and compliance reasons. We strive to check all campaigns as soon as possible.

If you would like to set up campaigns at an optimal time, please refer to the working hours of our Content Quality Team below:

  • Weekdays - 8 AM and 8 PM CET

  • Weekends and holidays - 8 AM and 4 PM CET

The review process investigates each campaign element (landing/offer page and Ad Elements). They are checked in accordance with our Policy and Guidelines from our Partners. Please remember that we need to be sure that the campaigns we approve, follow the compliance rules of the selected Ad Exchanges. Campaign review usually takes up to 60 minutes. However, in some cases, this time may be longer, due to consultation with the second line compliance specialists, or directly with Ad Exchange.


The following networks may require an additional approval step which can cause the approval process to be longer:

  • EngageYa - only for certain countries, for more info please contact your Account Manager

  • ImproveDigital - only for certain countries, for more info please contact your Account Manager

  • Mopub

  • MGID General - only for certain countries, for more info please contact your Account Manager

  • MGiD Pre-approval

The campaign will be analyzed by the Campaign Approval Team when all elements are set up correctly. You can check out our articles about Setting up a Native Campaign . There is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a new native campaign when you are using Voluum DSP.

According to the above, after the review process your campaign can be:

  • Approved - all campaign elements have been approved on all selected Ad Exchanges;

  • Partially Approved - minimum one Ad Exchange or minimum one Ad Element has been rejected on specific Ad Exchange;

  • Rejected - all campaign elements on all selected Ad Exchanges have been rejected.


Do you have some elements of the campaign, but you don't have time to finish it now? It is not a problem - currently, with our DSP you have the option to save a campaign that is not finished yet as a draft. You can return and complete it later. Here you can follow the link and check how to create a Campaign Draft

Rejection reasons

Our Campaign Approval Team has distinguished main groups and types of rejection reasons. The article below contains descriptions and tips, which should help you in improving and fixing the campaigns before resubmitting, so they can meet the requirements. Please bear in mind that these guidelines may change due to our internal updates or new updates from our partners.

Against Compliance


Before creating a campaign we recommend checking our main Advertising Content Policy, it can be found in our documentation. If a campaign has been rejected with the reason Against Compliance, it means that the campaign does not meet our requirements and it cannot be approved on any Ad Exchange. Below you can find more information regarding our 4 main Against Compliance reasons.

Against Ad Exchange Guidelines

Before creating a campaign we recommend reaching to the guidelines published by our partners, as we stick to them - they may provide you with some valuable insights. These guidelines however might not always be publicly available with every Ad Exchange, so we have created a brief summary of acceptable content. It is available here IV. Information per Native Ad Exchange.

Campaign Approval Team evaluates elements such as:

  • Landing page and offer page,

  • Brand domain,

  • Main image/Creative,

  • Icon image,

  • Headline, Branding text & Brand Name

  • Deal ID

They must comply with the policies, and every element evaluated as harmful to our publishers or users is rejected, even if the campaign items otherwise comply with all of our guidelines. Please refer to the information below.


This category of rejection reasons combines tech issues as well as issues that may occur from Voluum DSP and Ad Exchange sides.

How to check rejection reason
  1. Rejected Campaign

    If the entire campaign was not approved by Content Quality Team, you will see the status “Rejected” in Campaigns tab (in Voluum panel). To check a rejection reason, please hover over the question mark next to the status “Rejected”. Make sure you have 'Status' column enabled.


    You can also mark the campaign and click Edit to see the rejection reason in campaign details.


    The last option is to check the Health Status. When you click on it, a new window will be displayed. You can find there section Comment for Client, where will be displayed rejection reason. What is important, Health Status window may also contain additional notes from our Content Quality Team, when your campaign is in pending status, or even when your campaign was approved.


    The Health Status tool contains much more information about your campaign. To find out more please check DSP Campaign Statuses documentation.

  2. Rejected Ad Elements/Creative

    It may also happen that some creatives within your campaign could not be accepted due to the above-mentioned reasons. In order to check if some creatives were rejected, please go to your panel, choose the campaign you want to check, click on ‘EDIT’ and then go to ‘CREATIVES’ tab. On the list of the uploaded creatives, you will see an applicable mark next to each creative:

    - the green ticks for the accepted ones;

    - the red icons for the rejected ones;

    - the yellow icons for the ones which are pending for approval.


    To check the rejection reason, please hover over the red mark next to the Creative.