Quick Guide: Checklist

In this guide we describe how to set up a complete campaign funnel. This means that once you finish, some Internet users will see an advert for an offer that you have selected to promote. Part of them will be interested in it. And a few of them may take this offer. So after completing this guide you will not only have both theoretical and practical knowledge but potentially a profit. Pretty sweet, right?

Right. Let's get to it.


In general, you need three things to create a campaign: an offer to promote, a source of traffic, and a tracker to match those two in the best way possible. Each of these things has a dedicated platform.


Offers are aggregated in affiliate network platforms. These networks connect people that have offers with people that are looking for offers to promote. The latter refers to you, affiliate marketer. Affiliate network platforms are the ones that will pay you money each time someone takes your offer (in an affiliate language: when a visitor converts). That's where your revenue will be coming from.


Traffic is a broad term that describes any source of visitors: ad networks, social media platforms, search engines and more. Typically, traffic is bought in traffic source platforms. Generally speaking, they offer a stream of visitors with concrete characteristics to buy. You will have to spend some money there, first for learning what works, later to make money and continue learning (because the learning process never actually ends). Contrary to what some over-optimistic blog posts or articles are trying to tell you, there is no 'free money'. Even top affiliates spend money to buy traffic. They simply earn X times more. And that's what you are aiming for.


Tracking is done by Voluum. A tracker acts as an intermediary between platforms described above. It measures, manages and optimizes. In this guide, you will use Voluum not only to track, but also to manage your running campaigns.

Constant optimization and testing new hypothesis will be your main focus as an affiliate marketer. Voluum will tell you how to do so. It will show you where you are losing money and what market shares are profitable. It will squeeze the most of your traffic by; allowing you to send it to different, more suitable offers. You can also optimize your landing pages by directing traffic to landing pages in a user's native language. Finally, Voluum lets you cut down on unprofitable traffic and focus on the traffic which does convert.

Ad Types

While you browse the Internet, you come across advertisements shown in various types. Click any of the ad types below to see an example:

Each ad format works differently. There are certain types of offers and audiences that respond better to particular formats. In this guide, we will find an offer suitable for a pop campaign available in one of the Tier 3 countries. Pop campaigns are cheap, easy to manage, and offer a sizable number of ad views. Perfect for beginners. Do not be alarmed if you do not know some of these terms. We describe everything along the way.

The Checklist

In this guide, we will go through these three types of platforms (affiliate network, Voluum and traffic source), each in a separate step. Your checklist looks like this:

  • Get an offer

  • Set up tracking

  • Find traffic and start advertising

You will check off one item after finishing each step.

Completing it will take some time. Some of it is a learning curve, and some of that time is simply waiting for an account or offer approvals. So how much time should you dedicate towards this guide? The answer is: as much as it is comfortable for you. The winners are not necessarily the fastest ones, but most definitely the best ones.

Let's start and cross off the first thing on your checklist by finding an offer. Click the image on the right to proceed to the next step.