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One of the most important aspects of working in Voluum is an optimization of your campaign funnels. The below articles give you an insight into the funnel optimization to make the most of your traffic.

How to Optimize Your Campaigns Even More?

Although there are not straight answers while optimizing the campaign funnels, Voluum meets the real needs of affiliate marketing by delivering the Optimization Calculator and Traffic Distribution AI / AI+ feature. Both of them are based on a statistical approach what makes the calculations reliable and trustworthy. With these options available, you can find manually best elements within a given traffic distribution or automatically run the optimization for your offers. This not only helps you to understand how the traffic is distributed at a given moment, but also allows to adjust the campaign funnels to your business goals. 

  • Optimization Calculator: This feature enables you to see the predictions that imply which offers convert more likely and what the expected results might be.

  • Traffic Distribution AI: Overview: This allows you to turn on just one toggle to run the update of the offers' weights periodically. No more tiring monitoring and checking what works best. Based on gathered data, the values of weights are adjusted dynamically to the changing market and traffic distribution.

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