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Voluum Mobile App: Reports

The Voluum Mobile Application recreates logic of generating reports from the web version of Voluum. All options of tailoring reports to your needs are waiting for you in the mobile application. 

Find Out What You Can Do

In terms of data reporting, in Voluum Mobile Application you can:

  • Create new global and specific reports.

  • Use grouping and drill-down options.

  • Open reports that were bookmarked in the web application inside the mobile application.

Reports in Mobile Application

In the mobile application, go to the reports module by swiping left or tapping the Reports button in the bottom menu. You will notice three expandable sections:

  • Open new report: This section enables you to create a new report.

  • Recent report: This section shows recently viewed reports. You can delete reports from that list by tapping the trash_icon.png icon.

  • Bookmarks: This section shows reports that you have bookmarked in the Voluum web application. To learn more, read the Bookmarks article.

Tap each section to expand or collapse it.



I. Open a new global report:

Global reports show you summarized stats for all elements from a given category.

  1. Go to the Reports module.

  2. Tap the Open new report section to expand it.

  3. Tap the global report category (Campaigns in the following example) to open the global report.


II. Go to element details:

Element details view allows you to dig deeper nto your stats.

  1. Go to the global reports view.

  2. Tap the element that you want to see details for (MGID - My First Traffic Source - My Campaign in the following example).


III. Customize element display details:

The element's detail view can be customized to show the most relevant info.

  1. In the campaign element details view, tap the mobile_display.png icon.

  2. Tap the mobile_visibility2.png icon next to the metric that you want to show or the mobile_visibility.png icon next to the metric that you want to hide.

  3. Tap and drag the metric by the mobile_order.png icon to change the metrics order.

  4. Tap the mobile_save.png icon to save customized settings.


IV. Create a specific report:

Specific report lets you to dig deeper into your data  and see stats only for elements related to the one that you have created report for.

  1. Go to the global report view.

  2. Tap the drilldown.png button.

  3. Notice the drill-down level displayed at the top.


V. Create a specific report and change the report category:

You can change a specific report category to any category that is available in the Voluum desktop (Country in the following example).

  1. Go to the global report view.

  2. Scroll down and select the grouping option.


VI. Change filtering settings:

Sort and change campaign statuses of global reports.

  1. Go to the global report view.

  2. Click the mobile_details.png icon.

  3. Change Campaign status and Sorted by options.