Voluum DSP’s Micro Bidding lets you edit bid values individually. You can group multiple elements by criteria to make changes. For example, if a single creative is performing best, you can increase its bid and pause the rest.


In the picture above you can see the middle image performing better than the other two. If you want to increase the bid on this image, go to the Bid column and adjust the price.

Step-by-step Guide

To start micro-bidding, follow the steps below:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Campaigns tab. The Campaigns view will show up.

  2. Select a campaign by clicking on it and click the Report button.

  3. Select the category you want to adjust bids on (ie. Ad Exchanges, Device Type, Sites, etc.) by:

    • Selecting the Category buttons 

      and / or

    • Selecting appropriate grouping options from the Grouping drop-down menus

  4. Optimize your campaign by the selected segmentation by:

    • Change the status to active or paused

    • Increase or decrease bids

Example: Pausing & adjusting bids based on Creative performance.

  1. View the specific report for a selected campaign

  2. Click the Creatives button above the report for segmentation

  3. Sort by the metric you want to optimize by (i.e. ROI, iCTR)

  4. To pause or resume bidding on a creative, switch the toggle in the Status column. You can also make bulk changes by selecting the checkboxes next to the creatives you want to pause or resume

  5. To make custom bids for creatives, just increase or decrease the current bid value in the Bid column


Voluum Note: Once you start making changes to your bids, you will be able to check all the bid adjustments in the Bid adjustment tab. This report comprises the full list of all bid changes and paused elements.