(Beta Features) A Walk-through of Offers Marketplace


Offers marketplace in Beta version

This is a beta version of the feature and its scope and functionalities may change prior its official release.

Offers Marketplace consists of three main tabs:

  • Dashboard: Provides you a selection of recommended offers.

  • All offers: Lists all available offers and give you search and filtering options.

  • My offers: Shows offers that you have applied for.

Read further to learn how you can make the most out of your work with Offers Marketplace.

The Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard view provides you a selection of recommended offers. Recommendations are based on two factors:

  • If an offer was recommended by an affiliate network

  • If an offer appears in more than one affiliate network

Click any listed offer to open an offer details window.

Additionally, you can find the Recent activity feed in the Dashboard view.

The All Offers Tab

The All Offers tab lists all offers available in Offers Marketplace. You can search for offers by selecting appropriate filtering options from the Filter offers section to narrow down your search. You can select one or more filtering criteria from some or all of the categories listed below:

  • Country: Select a country where you can advertise an offer

  • Categories: Select an offer vertical.

  • Allowed traffic types: Select a type of advertisement.

  • Active longer than: Select a time range of the last offer update.

  • Affiliate network: Select an affiliate network that you want to get an offer from.

  • Conversion flow: Select a type of a conversion-generating event.

  • Min/Max: Select a minimal or maximal payout value in USD or a percentage.

  • Cap type: Select a conversion cap type


  • Search for an offer name in the Search box.


Locate an offer you want to promote in the Offer list section. This section dynamically displays a list of offers that matches your filtering options with the following details:

  • Preview

  • Name

  • Countries

  • Categories

  • Allowed traffic types

  • Conversion flow

  • Payout

  • Expire date

  • Cap

  • Affiliate network

The My Offers Tab

The My offers tab allows you to view offers that you have applied for, both from within Voluum Marketplace and from within affilaite network. Offers there may have different statuses:

  • Pending: Offers is waiting for an affiliate network's approval.

  • Accepted: Offer has been accepted and can be added to Voluum.