(Beta Features) Get an Offer from Offers Marketplace


Offers marketplace in Beta version

This is a beta version of the feature and its scope and functionalities may change prior its official release.

Offers Marketplace allows you to browse through various affiliate network's content in one panel. In order to get an offer from Offers Marketplace, you should:

Depending on the level of integration, some of the steps mentioned above may be automated is some way for some affiliate networks, but not for others. Read the (Beta Features) Offers Marketplace article to learn about the different levels of integration and which affiliate network platform is integrated at what level.

I. Integrate Your Affiliate Network Account

You can perform an integration in Voluum settings or when applying for an offer. We recommend doing it before applying for an offer, because without a completed integration process you will see public offers only.

In order to integrate your own affiliate network account with Offers Marketplace from the Settings view, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the profile_settings.png icon in the top right corner of the screen to go to Settings. The Settings view will appear.

  2. Go to the Integrations tab.

  3. In the Marketplace API tokens section click the Add integration button.

  4. Select an affiliate network from the drop-down menu.

  5. Provide an API token that you have obtained from your affiliate network platform.


    Voluum Info: Each affiliate network has a different place of storing API keys and some affiliate networks do not store it the UI, but provide it upon request after contacting their support.

  6. Click the Add API token button.


Upon integration, you will see the "Integration with an affiliate network has been successfully added" notification. The integration is visible below:


To remove the integration, click the trash_icon.png button next to the affiliate network token.


Voluum Note: Integration with an affiliate network works per user, not per account, so it is not shared across an account where many users are collaborating with each other. Each Voluum user has to integrate his or her account with an affiliate network account in order to use an integration.

II. Find an Offer

Once you have completed an integration process you can browse private offers. In order to find an offer, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Offers Marketplace by clicking the FIND OFFERS tab.

  2. Search for an offer in one of the following places:

    • The Dashboard tab: this lists offers recommended by stats from affiliate networks.

    • The All offers tab: this lists all offers that match your filtering criteria.

  3. Once you have found an offer you want to promote, click it. The offer details view will open.

  4. You can compare different offers with each other by clicking the compare_icon.png button in the offer details view and opening them in different tabs.


Go to the next step of this guide to learn how to proceed from this point.

III. Apply For an Offer

The offer details view provides you with a selection of information regarding you offer.

Depending on the level of integration of a given affiliate network, there are four different ways to proceed:

  • You see the Add integration button:


    The selected network offers partial or full integration, but the integration process has to be performed first for this affiliate network.

    1. Click the Add integration button.

    2. Provide the affiliate network's API key.

    3. Click the Save API key button.

    The Find offer or Apply button will become active. You will be able to find this offer or apply for it from an offer details view. Go to the appropriate bullet point below to read how to proceed.

  • You see the Go to offer page button:


    The selected affiliate network has a basic level of integration only. Applying for an offer and configuration will be done in this platform:

    1. Click the Go to offer page button. A new tab will be opened.

    2. Provide your affiliate network's login credentials.

    3. Apply for an offer and set it up according to affiliate network's documentation. Setting up tracking of offers supplied by some affiliate network platforms have been described in the Set Up Integrations section.

  • You see the Find offer button:


    The selected affiliate network is partially integrated with Offer Marketplace, but it is not able to direct you straight to the offer page. You will have to find this offer manually in the affiliate network platform using an offer ID. Copy an offer ID and click the Find offer button. This will direct you to affiliate network platform. Use the copied offer ID to search for this offer.

  • You see the Apply button:


    The selected affiliate network is partially or fully integrated with Offer Marketplace and you can apply for this offer directly:

    1. Click the Apply for offer button.

    2. You will see the Offer promotion rules pop-up window with a summary of what traffic is allows for this offer. Once you familiarize yourself with it, click the Confirm application button.

    3. The request has been sent to an affiliate network and is being processed there. You can find this offer in the My offers tab.

IV. Add an Offer Element to Voluum

To be able to use offers that you have found in Offers Marketplace, you still have to add an offer element to Voluum. Depending on the type of integration, you can add such offers in two ways:

  • Manually, for offers provided by affiliate networks on a basic or partial level of integration. Get an offer link from an affiliate network platform and add an offer element as described in the Creating an Offer Element article.

  • Automatically, for offers provided by affiliate networks fully integrated with Offers Marketplace that you have applied for from within Voluum. These offers have to have the Accepted status. In order to add such offers to Voluum, perform the following steps:

    1. Click the offer with the Accepted status. The offer details view will appear.

    2. Click the Add to tracker button. The New offer pop-up window will appear.

    3. In the New offer pop-up window Offer name and Offer URL text field have been populated with information from an affiliate network. You still need to configure tokens and add them to an offer URL. To learn more, read the Creating an Offer Element article.

    4. (Optional) If you have added an affiliate network element from a template, you can select it from the Affiliate network drop-down menu and add proposed tracking token to an offer URL. To learn more about adding an affiliate network element, read the Creating an Affiliate Network Element article.

    5. Once you have configured any additional settings, click the Save button.


Your offer, added from Offers Marketplace, is marked with a distinctive icon: