(Beta Features) Offers Marketplace


Get access to offers from various affiliate networks. Compare payouts and conversion rates. Track selected offers with an integrated Voluum Ad Tracker.


Offers marketplace in Beta version

This is a beta version of the feature and its scope and functionalities may change prior its official release.

Offers Marketplace is your go-to place for browsing offers from various affiliate networks. It lists all offers that match your filtering criteria, allowing you to apply for them and set up tracking with ease.

Get access to more content with fewer clicks, compare different affiliate network's content and manage all your offers in one place.


Pricing plan availability

This feature is available on all pricing plans

How Does It Work?

Offers Marketplace uses APIs to communicate with affiliate networks. Depending on the level of integration it can fetch publicly available offers, show you private offers that are available after integrating your own affiliate network account and apply for offers from within Offers Marketplace panel.

Levels of integration

The level of integration depends on the type of API infrastructure that an affiliate network platform uses. Some types of infrastructure allow partial integration only, while others make possible to fully integrate their content with Offers Marketplace. The level of integration influences the content a user sees and action that this person may take. The Offers Marketplace team works relentlessly with affiliate networks' support teams to provide the full integration for as many platforms as possible.

Having all this in mind, there are three possible levels of integration with an affiliate network platform:

  • Basic integration: Allows a user to only browse public offers. Browsing private offers, applying for them and setting up has to be done manually in an affiliate network platform. This level of integration does not require a user to provide any authentication credentials to the Offers Marketplace platform.

    Affiliate networks on this level of integration:

  • Partial integration: This level of integration comes into play when a user decides to integrate his or her own affiliate network account with Offers Marketplace. It allows browsing private offers, however applying for an offer and setting it up still has to be done manually.

    Integrating a user's own account requires providing an affiliate network's API key for authentication purposes.

    Affiliate networks on this level of integration:

  • Full integration: The maximum level of integration that allows you to benefit from all Offers Marketplace features. After integrating a user's own account by providing an affiliate network's API key as an authentication method, a user can browse private offers, apply for them and create an offer element in the Voluum Tracker automatically.

    Affiliate networks on this level of integration:

Public vs private offers

Different levels of integration create a distinction of offers that Offers Marketplace displays into two types:

  • Public offers: Offers available to the general public. Browsing them does not require integrating a user's own account with Offers Marketplace.

  • Private offers: Offers available specifically for a given user, after integrating his or her account with Offers Marketplace.

The set of private offers may be completely different from the set of public offers or may coincide with the public set but has different details, such as payout or conversion cap limit.


Voluum Note: Mind that once the integration is performed, public offers from an integrated affiliate network will disappear and private offers will be fetched. The process of fetching private offers may last up to 20 minutes. After this process is finished, you will only see private offers from that network. Private offers usually have better payouts or are more varied.

Where to Find Offers Marketplace

Offers Marketplace is available by clicking the Find offers tab in the top bar in Voluum.


Clicking the Find offers tab will take you to the Dashboard view.

Working with Offers Marketplace

You can browse offers in one of the three tabs available: Dashboard (provides a selection of the best and recommended offers), All Offers (lists all offers according to filtering criteria), My Offers (shows offers that you have applied for). Read the articles below to learn more about working with Offer Marketplace.


We always welcome new partners to cooperate with. Depending on the type of infrastructure you use in your affiliate network platform, there are different ways to proceed:

  • If you use proprietary API infrastructure, you need to code an integration according to our guidelines.

  • If you use a third-party infrastructure provider (HasOffers, Cake), we can code the integration for you if we see a potential in this cooperation.

  • If you do not use API infrastructure at all, then unfortunately, any cooperation will not be possible until you implement this solution on your side.

If you need any additional information on this matter, click the Contact support button in the top right corner of the screen and write us a message or read our Marketplace API documentation.