Importing an Offer from an Affiliate Network

To ease your work, we provide you with the option to browse and add offers from integrated affiliate networks from within Voluum's interface. These offers appear in Voluum after you perform an integration process in Voluum settings. Once you do so, a list of private offers will be displayed upon clicking the Add offer from an affiliate network option. When you click the Add to tracker button next to each offer, an offer creation form will open with an offer's link and name already filled in.

Table of Contents

To use the option of adding offers from affiliate networks, you have to integrate an affiliate network with Voluum. To make this work, you need:

  • An active affiliate network account. You can integrate the following affiliate networks:

    • A4G

    • Addiliate

    • Adultforce

    • Advidi

    • Clickdealer

    • GlobalWide Media

    • Gotzha

    • MacBounty

    • Olimob

  • An API token that will be used to authenticate your requests. You can get it from an affiliate network. Refer to their documentation or support to learn how to get it.

I. Integrate An Affiliate Network

There are two ways to perform an integration. Read further to learn how both of these ways work:

  • In Voluum's Setting:

    1. In Voluum, click the profile_settings.png button.

    2. Go to the Integrations tab.

    3. Click the Add integration button.

    4. Select an affiliate network from the drop-down menu.

    5. Paste the API token in the API token text field.

    6. Click the Add API token button.

  • When adding an affiliate network element:

    1. In Voluum, go to the Affiliate networks tab. The Affiliate networks view will show up.

    2. Click the New affiliate network button. The New affiliate network form will show up.

    3. Select an affiliate network template marked with + Integration sign.

    4. Click the Create button.

    5. Click the Add integration button.

    6. Paste your affiliate network's API key. You can find instructions on how to get it in the video.

    7. Click the Save API key button.

    8. Save an affiliate network element by clicking the Save button.

An affiliate network integration has been added. You will be able to fetch offers from that network.

II. Add an Offer From an Affiliate Network

In order to add an offer from an integrated affiliate network, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Offers tab.

  2. Click the New offer button and select the Add from affiliate network button.

  3. Set the appropriate filtering criteria.

  4. Click the Add to tracker button. The new offer form will appear.

  5. In the new offer form, add required tracking parameters to the offer URL.

  6. Click the Save button.


Your offer has been added. It is marked with the mpl.png icon.