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Tracking Conversions with Google Ads

Voluum TRK Google Ads Direct Method

A conversion is any customer-triggered event that is valuable for you. Conversions occur on an offer owner's side, so you have to set everything up there to pass information about a conversion to Voluum.

Tracking Conversions in Voluum

Analogically to tracking event, Voluum offers two methods of tracking conversions: a redirect and a direct one:

Passing Information about Conversions Back to Google Ads

With tracking of Google Ads events already set up, and with information about conversions being passed to Voluum you have all the information you need gathered in one place. However, if you want to pass information about conversion from Voluum to Google Ads, you have to consider the following: with the recent changes in Google Ads setup and the emphasis that has been put on using Google Tag manager to inject tracking codes to your websites directly, it has become difficult for an intermediary software such as Voluum to communicate with Google properly. For certain types of setups it is possible to make it work. Google Ads supports only Pixel (direct) method of tracking conversions, so you will have to use the conversion tracking pixel to fetch conversion info from offer's side. Read the sections below to learn more.

  • Being an offer owner

    If you own an offer you promote and you host all offer-related websites, you can pass information about conversion to Voluum and to Google Ads at the same time. You simply have to inject your "Thank you page" with Voluum's conversion tracking pixel and also with Google pixel. Every time a conversion triggering event occurs, the information will be sent simultaneously to both platforms.

  • Having an offer from an affiliate network

    Passing information about a conversion to Google Ads when an offer is supplied by an affiliate network platform can be done only if said platform supports sending conversion information using two pixels at the same time. If your affiliate network platform allows you to use only one tracking pixel, you will have to choose if you want to send information about conversion to Google or to Voluum.

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