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Global reports show you the aggregated data divided by categories. The categories are those ones visible in the main toolbar in Voluum and you can find more info on them in the Categories in Global Reports article.

After reading this article, you should be able to view basic indicators for the selected categories and change certain view settings.

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How Global Reports Work

The global report view is available after clicking on the category tab. In the following example, a global report for campaigns is shown:


In the global reports you can see different metrics for all elements relevant in a given category. Note that categories are displayed contextually and their visibility change according to selected report settings.

The Performance Indicator

Voluum marks positive or negative performance of a campaign element based on the ROI indicator.

  • The possitive_indicator.png icon next to the campaign element name indicates ROI above 0%. It means that you are earning more money than you spend.

  • The negative_indicator.png icon next to the campaign name indicates ROI below 0%. It means that you earn less money than you spend. 

This helps you to quickly distinguish between performing and non-performing campaign elements.


Grouping options are available both in global and specific reports. Grouping allows you to view conjunction of up to three sets of data (such as "offer elements, by country and connection type", for example). To learn more on groupings, go to the Specific Reports article.

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