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Step 2: Your First Campaign Funnel

Voluum TRK Getting Started


This part of the guide will teach you how to set up your first campaign funnel in Voluum.

When deciding on the type of a campaign funnel, there are two options available:

  • Campaign funnel with an offer

  • Campaign funnel with a lander and an offer

Using a landing page in your campaign funnel takes a little more time to set up but there are some advantages to consider. The main advantages are:

  • Displaying several offers to a user. Other offers might be more attractive to the user than the one that originally interested the user.

  • Testing different offers. Using several offers on a landing page allows you to find out which offer performs best on your users.

  • Including additional information. You can include some additional text or creatives to make your landing page more appealing.

  • Personalizing your advertisement. With Voluum, you can display a personalized message based on user's characteristics, like a phone model or an OS version. Such message might be more relevant to a user.

Going back to the aforementioned example of promoting shoes, you can use a landing page to show different shoe types or to describe in more detail advantages of your offer. Using landing pages is a widely-accepted practice and usually results in more conversions.

If you are unsure which option you should choose, we recommend choosing the first option, as it's simpler. You will be able to choose an appropriate path in the following guide after learning how to add a traffic source to Voluum.


After Reading This Step You Should Know:

✔ What are the advantages of using a landing page in your campaign funnel

✔ How traffic flows through both types of a campaign funnel

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