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Getting Started - Step 3: Tracking Conversions

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This step of the guide will cover tracking conversions with a server-to-server (S2S) postback URL method. There are other methods available but they go beyond the scope of this guide.

A conversion is any event that a user generates by performing a desired action. For example:

  • Signup for a newsletter

  • App install

  • Purchasing a product

When a conversion happens it is recorded by an affiliate network. In order to record a conversion in Voluum, this information has to be passed from an affiliate network back to Voluum. 

Server-to-Server (S2S) Postback URL

When a visit is registered and then, its corresponding conversion, a unique click ID value is generated in the Voluum platform.  This click ID is passed to an affiliate network in the offer URL using an appropriate parameter.

Parameters have a form of name={token} pair, where:

name is a name of a parameter that identifies a value that is passed. They are specific for each affiliate network. Contact your affiliate network's support to obtain what parameters you should use.

{token} is a placeholder for a dynamically generated value, a click ID in this case. Voluum uses {clickid} token to pass the click ID value.

After the click ID value will be passed in an appropriate parameter, the affiliate network captures it. Then, it passes it back to Voluum after the conversion is recorded on their end using the postback URL. The postback URL gets sent back to Voluum from the affiliate network. The click ID value is used to associate it to the visitor's click.

Taking this into account, you need to set the offer URL in Voluum in a certain format. Let's see how the offer URL should look like.


Let's look at the offer URL example, where s2 is a parameter (given by your affiliate network) and the {clickid} is a token:


When that offer URL is clicked, the {clickid} is replaced with a unique value, for example c384EFV6JHQODRN70575OK6UG5:


In order to send a click ID back to Voluum after a successful conversion, you need to get the postback URL.

Get the Postback URL

When you have added the offer to the Voluum platform, you need to define the postback URL that you are going to paste to the affiliate network. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the profile_settings.png button. The Settings view will show up.

  2. Go to the Tracking URLs tab.

  3. Click the Copy button to copy a postback URL to clipboard in the Postback URL section.

  4. Paste the copied postback URL to any tool where you can edit it. Your postback URL looks like this:


    Voluum also uses specific parameters to pass values. The cid parameter is dedicated to pass Voluum click ID. Refer to you affiliate network's documentation and replace the text string REPLACE with the token dedicated for passing back the click ID and delete other parameters that are marked as optional. In the following example, the s2 token was used to pass the click ID. Your edited postback URL should look like this:

  5. When you have defined all the parameters in the postback URL, paste the URL on the affiliate network's side.

  6. Now, your campaign funnel is configured to track conversions. 

Video Tutorial

You can watch a video tutorial to learn how to track conversions with a server-to-server postback URL.

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