Getting Started with Voluum DSP - Step 2: Traffic Planner 

Voluum DSP offers a feature called DSP Traffic Planner which allows you to check how much traffic is available per the targeting criteria you chose to apply in your future  DSP campaigns. With the usage of filters and grouping columns, you can simply get a full overview of the native inventory each ad exchange has to offer. The Traffic Planner will save your time and money preventing you from opening campaigns with low traffic volumes or from overspending while testing by showing you the average bid floor  and CPM prices. The feature is available under DSP TRAFFIC PLANNER tab in the top left corner of your screen:

Estimated Impressions

Use the Traffic Planner before creating new campaigns to group, filter and cross-reference any targeting criteria you’re interested in. For example, check and compare the number of the potential ad impressions available for a specific country, a specific device, brands/models, browsers, OS versions, etc. Explore additional columns to determine the average bid floor and the average CPM win price (calculated based on the last 30 days) for the specific traffic segments.

While picking the right Ad Exchange for your offers, make sure to use the correct filter types to exclude ad networks which do not allow a vertical your offer falls into compliance-wise.Take advantage of the onboarding tooltips offering detailed explanation of each available filter. Below you will find the most significant  filters to use so that you target your future campaigns correctly:

Offer type:

Each native ad exchange on our platform has specific compliance rules for publishing content. To find the best traffic source for your offer/product, you must first categorise your offer using the classification below.

Offer types:

  • Low restricted (Automotive, E-commerce, Education, Gaming, Hobby, Real Estate, Travel)

  • Medium restricted (Business, Entertainment, Health, Personal Finance, Technology)

  • High restricted (Dating, Gambling, Nutra - beauty routine & supplements), Survey & Sweeps, Trading -binary/forex)

  • Very high restricted (Male Enhancement, Nutra - cannabis, Trading - crypto & cannabis)If you are not sure how to categorise your offer/product, before using the filter, please check our documentation.

Country, device, source

Once you’ve selected the offer type specify country, device and source type to see potential number of ad impressions for your targeting criteria.

If you would like to be more specific with your targeting, feel free to use additional  filters available under the  “More” button.


In order to see available placements, creative sizes, cities, OS versions for a particular Ad Exchange click the “Discover Traffic” button near the Ad Exchange you’ve interested in.


It allows you to view placements as well as grouping you’ve selected on the top of the traffic planner in the “Show Columns” section.


Last but not least, DSP Traffic Planner allows you  to create whitelists and blacklists out of placements accessible through the native inventory we offer.  In order to do this, click on green “Create” Button and choose “Whitelist/Blacklist”. After that, select the placements you are interested in and proceed with saving the list (The list will be saved under  Inventory Tab and automatically applicable in campaign creation form under Targeting section).


Be smart and remember to use DSP Traffic Planner every time you want to test a new Offer/Ad Exchange/Geo in  your DSP campaigns!