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Getting Started with Voluum DSP

Voluum DSP Getting Started


Welcome to the Voluum DSP Getting Started guide. The following articles will describe a set of typical actions that a user needs to perform in order to create a DSP campaign. They describe the most typical and recommended options but definitely they do not cover every aspect of Voluum DSP. The idea is to give a user, you, an overview of the workflow in Voluum DSP. This will gives you grounds that you can build upon by reading additional articles.

What is Voluum DSP

Voluum DSP is a demand-side platform that aggregates inventory of various ad exchanges in one place and provides you with a plethora of options to optimize your buying strategy.

Voluum DSP vs Voluum Tracker

Voluum DSP is build upon the Voluum Tracker infrastructure. It uses and incorporates many element that are familiar to Voluum Tracker users. You may read some information that you already know, but it was included to maintain an internal logic of creating a functional campaign funnel.

The Getting Started Guide

The following guide is divided into 5 steps:

It is recommended to follow these steps in order, however you can omit a step if you are familiar with a subject.

After finishing this guide you will know how to top up your account, check for available traffic, create a native campaign with a flow and set up tracking conversions.

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