You have successfully finished the Voluum's Standard Guide. Now you are a full Voluum user who can create and test a campaign funnel with all its elements. Your traffic runs smoothly, your users flow through Voluum to their desired offers, and your profit starts to grow.

Explore Voluum's Possibilities

Having configured everything accordingly to the guide, right now you can:

  • Create in-depth reports to learn more about your audiences. What phone models do users that convert the most use? Where do they come from? Which countries are not profitable?

  • Experiment and test different hypothesis. Maybe users with other types of Internet connection will be more attracted to your offer? Perhaps more specifically targeted rules will bring the most profitable users to your main offer? Which offer converts best?

  • Control your cost, revenue and profit. Is traffic that you are buying worth its price? Does your overall ROI increase when you change targeting options? How much you have earned after deducting all costs?

Discover Even More

Voluum offers you a plethora of other features that you can incorporate into your campaign funnels and day-to-day work. After mastering the basics, dive into Voluum's augmented capabilities, and benefit in several ways:

You can also check the Voluum Product Updates article to be up to date with the newest features.


Happy tracking,

Voluum Team

Voluum Team