Adding a Traffic Source from a Template


To set up a campaign funnel, first, you need to add a traffic source as one of the campaign elements. This traffic source element corresponds with a web page or web pages where your advertisement will be displayed. For example, when you promote shoes you might want your advertisement to be displayed on fashion stylists blogs or inside articles regarding footwear. Whatever you choose, you can reach out to a publisher directly or, in a more typical scenario, go to the traffic source platform which gathers publishers in one place. Then you need to add a corresponding traffic source element in Voluum to properly configure user redirections. In Voluum, you can find a variety of templates for commonly used traffic sources, but you can add and configure one that is not included on this list as well.

For the sake of this guide, a simpler option of adding a traffic source element from a template will be described. You can learn how to add a custom traffic source later on.

  1. In Voluum, go to Traffic sources. The Traffic sources view will show up.

  2. Click the New traffic source button. The New traffic source - templates  window will pop up.

  3. Click the appropriate traffic source's template.

  4. Click the Load from template button. The New traffic source form will show up.

  5. After selecting the template, the Traffic source name field is already filled with the official name of the traffic source. If required, you can provide your own name; you only need to remember that the traffic source's name needs to be unique.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. Your newly created traffic source will be displayed on the list.

Video Tutorials

You can also watch video tutorials that demonstrate adding a traffic source from a template.

After Reading This Step You Should Know:

✔ How to add a traffic source element from a template

✔ Where to find you newly created traffic source

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