Adding Your First Campaign with an Offer and a Lander


A Voluum campaign consists of several specific elements that have to be defined. Firstly, to organize the reporting of collected data. Secondly, to determine the destination of their targeted traffic. In the example with your shoe-promoting campaign you have decided, where you want your advertisement to be displayed and now you will define where visitors that were attracted by your ad will be directed.

This article shows you how to add a campaign using a dedicated form and how to create a lander and an offer from inside that form. In Voluum, it is also possible to create a lander and an offer separately, but for the simplicity of this guide we will show you how to add it from a drop-down to speed up this process. Let's start then!

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I. Start Adding a Campaign

In order to start adding a new campaign in Voluum, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the New campaign button. It is available from many tabs: Offers, Traffic Sources, Landers, and Campaigns.

  2. Campaign form type: When creating a campaign for the first time, you will see a campaign form selection windows. Voluum allows you to tailor its experience according to your needs: if you only need to create a simple campaign, it provides you with a simple form and hides advanced options. And that's what we are aiming for: creating a simple, yet fully functional campaign. Select the simple form by clicking the Advancedcampaign option.


    Don't worry, every time you will create a campaign you will have an option to select the type of a campaign form from a small drop-down menu.

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II. Provide General Campaign Information

The New campaign form is divided into two tabs: General and Destination. The first tab is used to provide general information about your campaign, and the second one specifies where the traffic should be directed.

To set up general campaign settings, follow these steps:

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III. Define a Campaign Destination

Once you have defined what kind of campaign you want to advertize and in which traffic source, you need to characterize which offer and which lander should be assigned to your campaign. Voluum gives you an option to create many rules based on the characteristics of the incoming traffic, that can direct users to different offers and landers. You can use these options in your shoe-promoting campaign to show different shoe types for visitors in different cities or using different types of Internet connection. In the following example, one rule will be created to redirect users that use a wireless connection to one offer and all other users to a default offer. Both offers will use the same lander.

  1. In the DESTINATION tab, go to the Campaign destination section and select the Path radio button. The path settings will be displayed in the campaign form.

  2. You can set two types of paths:

    • Rule-based paths: The paths where the traffic is targeted within defined constraints. Adding the rule-based paths is optional and should be driven by your business requirements. The rule-based paths consist of:

      • Rule that incorporates several conditions, such as connection type, country of origin, mobile carrier

      • Path that directs users who have met conditions set in the rule to the selected destination

    • Default paths: A single default path is always required in the flow. Default paths do not have any traffic-targeting options, thus traffic that does not match the criteria set in the Rule-based paths section will be passed along the default path.

    Traffic flows through these two types of path in a specific order. At first, the traffic goes to rule-based paths. Any traffic that matches criteria set in the rule is directed towards the path in this rule-based path. The remaining traffic goes to the second rules-based path, and than to the third one and so one. Lastly, all the traffic that was not redirected towards the rule-based paths goes to the default path.



    Voluum Info: Using the rule-based path requires having two different offers to promote: one for the traffic that matches rules set in the rule-based path, and one for the rest of traffic. If you have only one offer to promote, create only a default path, but read through below paragraphs to learn how to add an offer.

  3. Now, an exemplary rule-based path that includes only WiFi traffic will be added:

    1. To add a new rule:

      1. In the Rule based paths section click the Add rule button. The rule's details will show up on the right-hand side.

      2. Provide a name in the Rule name field.

      3. Click the Connection category and go to the Connection type section.

      4. Click the Add condition option.

      5. By default, the logical condition is set to Is to include all traffic that matches the selected criteria.

      6. Select Broadband and Wireless criteria from the Select connection type drop down menu. This will include all WiFi traffic.

    2. To add a new path under the specified condition:

      1. In the Rule-based paths section click the New path option. The path's details will show up on the right-hand side.

      2. Provide a path name in the Path name field:


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IV. Add a Lander

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V. Add an Offer

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VI. Set up a Default Path

You have added an offer to your rule-based path. Now, you are going to create a default path where all non-WiFi traffic will be redirected to:

  1. In the Default paths section, click the New path option. The path's details will show up on the right-hand side.

  2. Provide the path name in the Path name field.

  3. In the Landers section, click the search field.

  4. Select the lander that you have previously created from the drop-down menu.

  5. In the Offers section, click the search field.

  6. Select the Create new offer option from the drop-down menu.

  7. In the New Offer form provide your default offer details in the same manner as it was described above.

VII. Save the Campaign

Once you have added all elements to the campaign, you are ready to save all changes and finish the campaign creation process:

  1. After adding a default offer, verify all the settings for your campaign and click the Save button to save the campaign.

  2. A new Campaign URL is uniquely generated, and the campaign is added to the list of active campaigns.

  3. Copy the Campaign URL to clipboard by clicking the Copy link, and submit it to the relevant traffic source for approval.

  4. You have created the campaign in Voluum. Click the Done button to return to close the window.


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Video Tutorials

You can also watch video tutorials that demonstrate the basic campaign setup.

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