Planning and Testing Tips

The tips below might help you increase your native advertising effectiveness.

Before creating a campaign, there are two things to consider: firstly, it is important to check what volumes of traffic you can expect and decide what inventories you want in your funnels, and secondly, define settings for a testing period.

I. Planning Tool

Daily bid requests:

Before opening the campaign, go to the planning tool under the DSP => Daily bid request tab. Use it for native advertising planning. This tool will show you what volumes were available per ad exchange and/or geo for the last 24h. Use the Add filter option to narrow down your search and check, if there are any reasonable amounts of traffic for the targeting of your choice. It is not worth to target certain geos if there is no traffic available.


Voluum Note: Remember that traffic works on a demand basis and can be increased depending on the amount of your buying.

Inventory lists:

In Voluum you can create a list of placements (sites, apps, Widget IDs or Ad Space IDs) which you can select as a whitelist or a blacklist in your campaign targeting. You can manage all of your lists from the Inventory lists tab in the DSP Planning Tool section. Under the Inventory lists tab, you can upload new lists, edit or delete them. You can apply more than one list in your campaign targeting.


Voluum DSP Tip: Make sure the placements on your list can be accessed from Voluum DSP Ad Exchanges. In the DSP Planning Tool, you can check the available volume per selected placement.

II. Testing the Performance of a Campaign

The beginning of a campaign run should be devoted solely to native advertising testing. Don't expect that you will start profiting right away. Allow some learning period - for you and for your audience. They also need some time to get familiar with your offer.

Learn the following:

  • Which targeting works and which doesn't

  • What time period is the most profitable for your campaign

You will notice in the Campaign Creation Tips article that many settings are recommended for the testing period only and they should be changed after you gather enough data. Depends on the amount of aggregated data, after 2-3 days of running your campaign, you can start drawing some conclusions and optimize it step by step.