DSP Campaign Statuses

Voluum DSP offers different types of statuses that indicate current condition and capability of your DSP campaigns. Those statuses are divided into two groups:

I. Statuses

They show if you have a running or paused campaign. There can be the following variations of statuses:


Campaign is active which means it will start running as soon as the campaign is approved by the moderation team. You can change the bids and perform other actions like pausing and archiving.


Campaign is paused, which means that traffic is not being sent to this campaign. You can still change a bid, unpause or archive a campaign.


Campaign is archived, which means that traffic is not being sent to this campaign and this campaign won’t be listed when you choose to display Active campaigns only. In order to start buying traffic, you need to restore the campaign.

II. Health statuses

Health statuses serve as your diagnostic tool. They indicate a campaign’s current condition, notify if there’s a problem that requires your immediate attention, give suggestions on what can be improved to get more traffic and share important information on the approval process your campaign is going through.

General Health statuses:


Everything is good with a campaign


There are some issues that require your attention. Click on the Unhealthy status to check further information in the health console. There will be an explanation of the problem, a diagnostic bar that indicates % of traffic loss and a suggestion on how to improve the current situation. Click “More information” to be redirected to Traffic opportunities to get even more details.


Campaign is paused or campaign is before start date, after end date or outside day parting. Check time settings of your campaign and unpause the campaign to start bidding and receiving traffic again


Campaign is being reviewed by the moderation team


Campaign is rejected by the moderation team. Click on the Rejected status to see a rejection reason in the console. Make suggested changes for your campaign to be approved.

Not Applicable

Campaign is archived thus health status is not applicable

Specific Health statuses:

These health statuses will appear in case you have 100% traffic rejection. Consider them as warning notifications that require your immediate attention to continue receiving traffic.

Out of daily budget

Daily budget limit is reached. Increase your campaign’s daily budget

Out of total budget

Total budget limit is reached. Increase your campaign’s total budget

Out of DSP balance

No credit on DSP balance. Top up your account


Campaign’s budget is starved due to other active campaigns. Review your other active campaigns and modify their budgets or top up your DSP balance.

Low bid

Campaign loses traffic due to a high Voluum DSP internal competition meaning that in the auction with other Voluum DSP users your bid is among the lowest. Increase campaign’s bid to get access to more traffic.

Below bid floor

Campaign doesn’t reach a required bid floor (the minimum CPM needed for taking part in the auctions). Increase campaign’s bid to start getting more traffic

Brand domain block

Brand domain (properly working top level domain of your promoted product) is blocked by ad exchange. Discuss further steps on how to tackle this issue with your AM or write to dsp-am@voluum.com.

Offer type block

IAB category of this campaign is blocked by ad exchange. This is a category assigned to your campaign during approval process. Discuss further steps on how to tackle this issue with your AM or write to dsp-am@voluum.com.

Bid adjustments block

Campaign is overoptimized thus traffic is blocked. Check Bid adjustments report and improve your optimization strategy.

Whitelist block

Campaign’s whitelist blocks traffic. Add a broader whitelist or remove it completely to start receiving traffic.

Creatives block

Check console for more details which metric is affected: it can be connected with campaign’s too long headlines, incorrect icon image’s size, too long CTA message or brand name.

To give you full transparency and provide as much information as possible there’s an information console that can be reached after clicking on a particular health status. We encourage you to check the console to get more information about issues your campaign is facing, read tips on how to solve them and get even more details by clicking "More information" that will redirect you to the Traffic opportunities report.


Some campaigns can have a comment icon status3.png next to a health status. The comment icon means that you can see some additional information left for you in the console. It varies from details why your campaign was rejected to some additional important information from our moderation team. Please carefully read those comments, following those suggestions can help improve campaign’s well-being and get it approved. Simply click on the health status where you see the comment icon and read a message in the console: