DSP Campaign Statuses

Depending on the stage of your DSP campaign process you can see six different statuses of your campaign. In the table below you will find the explanation of the different statuses which can be displayed in the Campaigns tab, in the Status column:

  • Active: The campaign is active, which means approved and running. You can change bids and perform other actions like pausing or archiving.

  • Paused: The campaign is paused, which means that the traffic is not being sent to this campaign, but you can still change the bid.

  • Archived: The campaign was archived, which means that the traffic is not being sent to this campaign and the campaign won’t be listed when you choose to display Active elements only. In order to start buying traffic, you need to restore the campaign. Once a campaign is restored, it will remain paused – you need to manually change the status to Active for it to begin running again.

  • Rejected: Campaign was rejected in the moderation process, usually because the Compliance Team found out your campaign doesn’t suit the compliance rules of the AdExchange of your choice. To check the reason behind rejection simply hover over a question mark near the Rejected status and the tooltip will show up

  • Pending (Active): The campaign is waiting for approval. Once the campaign is approved, you will start to receive traffic, provided that your account balance has any credit.

  • Pending (Paused): The campaign is waiting for the approval. Once the campaign is approved, your campaign status will change to PAUSED, so you can switch it to Active in a moment that is convenient for you.


Voluum Note: To display Status column in your Campaigns tab, click on the pasted_image_0__4_.png button (on the upper right corner) and check the box from Columns visibility area and click the Save button.