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Campaign Rejection Reasons 

During the approval process the creative, landing/offer page, chosen ad exchanges or the entire campaign can be rejected by our Compliance Team due to several reasons.

I. Main campaign rejection reasons
  • Lack of compliance with ad exchanges guidelines

  • A false representation of brands/trademark

  • Malware scan failed

  • Rotating offer URL

  • Test campaign - irrelevant offer URLs, random creatives and fake headlines, descriptions.


Voluum Note: Any sexual, offensive, violent, shocking, frightening, intimidating, highly suggestive or consisting of any illegal products content will not be accepted.

II. Main creative rejection reasons
  • Lack of compliance with ad exchanges guidelines

  • Text on creatives (not acceptable by Revcontent)

  • Red circles on creatives (not acceptable by MGID)

  • Malware scan failed

  • Low quality / flashy

  • Deceptive / misleading

  • Lack of correspondence with the offer

III. Several Ad Exchanges rejected

Please remember that each of the Ad Exchanges has its own guidelines. We need to be sure the campaigns we approve, follow the compliance rules of the Ad Exchanges we work with.

If your campaign was not accepted on selected Ad Exchanges, it means that it was not compliant with their rules. In this situation, you will see the campaign as approved in your Voluum panel and the campaign status will be “Active”. In order to check, whether some ad exchanges were rejected, please go to Campaigns tab, highlight the campaign you want to check, click on ‘Edit’. A campaign configuration window will be displayed. Go to the ‘Targeting’ tab. There, you will see the list of the Ad Exchanges you have chosen while configuring your campaign:

  • the green tick means the campaign was approved for a particular ad exchange

  • the red icon means the campaign was rejected for a particular ad exchange

  • the yellow icon means the campaign is pending for approval

IV. Several creatives rejected

It may also happen that some creatives within your campaign could not be accepted due to above-mentioned reasons. In order to check if some creatives were rejected, please go to your panel, choose the campaign you want to check, click on ‘EDIT’ and then go to ‘CREATIVES’ tab. On the list of the uploaded creatives, you will see an applicable mark next to each creative:

  • the green ticks for the accepted ones

  • the red icons for the rejected ones

  • the yellow icons for the ones which are pending for approval

Rejection reason - where to check it


Voluum Tip: In case of any rejection, highlight the campaign row, click Edit. In the Creatives tab, you can find the reason when hovering over the red mark next to the Ad Exchange / creative.