Ad Types: Banner and Native

Voluum DSP offers two formats of ads: Banner and Native. You can choose the campaign type while creating a new DSP campaign in Voluum.

Native - you can run native campaigns using standard native units. This type of ad can be shown on both mobile and desktop devices. Similar to banner ads, native campaigns can be displayed within mobile apps (in-app) or on mobile sites (web) or both. A native ad includes headline and main image. For in-app traffic, you also need to add a call to action and icon image. On top of that, some publishers may require a description, so it's good to have all elements compliant with the requirements of ad exchange of your choice to increase the campaign's reach.


Voluum Note: Be sure to always check the required number of characters in a headline and description as well as the recommended min. sizes for creatives and icon images. To check it please hover over the exclamation mark near the necessary entity and a tooltip will show up.

Good choice if you care about the campaign performance and conversions.



Banner - you can run banner campaigns using standard or rich media creatives. This type of ad is available for mobile traffic only. All banner campaigns can be displayed within mobile apps (in-app) or on mobile sites (web) or both. You can choose the source type in the targeting section while configuring your banner campaign. Banner ads include creatives only, which means that no copy (i.e. no headlines or descriptions) is required to create a banner campaign in Voluum.

Good choice if you care about brand awareness and impressions.




In-feed native example


Recommendation widget example