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Voluum DSP Interface Changes

Voluum DSP enhances Voluum Tracker UI in several ways. During your work you will notice new buttons, new menus and new options appearing next to features you know and use. In order not to get lost, we have prepared a short summary of the most visible changes to the Voluum user interface.

Tracker and DSP Tabs

The most visible change would be the appearance of the two new tabs: Tracker and DSP.

  • The Tracker tab is the Voluum Tracker view you already know, enriched by several features described below.

  • The DSP tab contains the Planning Tool. You can learn more about it in the Planning Tool article.

DSP Budget

Another noticeable difference is your account balance in the top bar:


This shows you the amount of money that you can spend on your traffic. You can learn more by reading the Topping up Your Account article.

Campaign Types

From this moment on, whenever you will click the New campaign button you will have an option to select what type of campaign you want to create.

  • New TRK campaign: This opens a standard campaign creation form that you used before. Select this option to create a campaign with traffic not from Voluum DSP.

  • New DSP campaign: This will open a DSP campaign creation form, which is significantly different from a standard campaign creation form. It offers several traffic management option. To learn more, read the Setting up a Native Campaign

Reporting Categories

When you work with reports you will notice additional report categories that are available in both global and specific reports.


Managing Campaigns

You will be able to manage your DSP campaigns in the reporting section of Voluum. Your DSP campaigns will be marked with a distinctive DSP logo. 


You can manage your DSP campaigns in the following way:

  • Pause and Resume your campaigns

  • Change bids