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Direct Tracking Pixel: Use Cases

Below you can find the most common business use cases and how Direct Tracking Pixel can be a solution to them. Click each use case to expand the description and find out more.

Use Case 1: When Traffic Source Requires Only Links with Direct URLs

I want to buy traffic from a traffic source where redirects are not allowed and track it with Voluum. In other words, I need to paste a link to a traffic source where all visitors, who click the link, go directly to a landing page and next, to offers. I cannot use links where there is an initial redirection implemented in the URL, even if it's not noticeable to visitors. On top of that, I need granular reports on traffic geo, device, etc. and custom variables.

Use Case 2: Tracking Organic Traffic

It is crucial for me to track events that come from organic traffic. I want to measure how many visitors go to my offers while searching for information on the Internet and whether this type of advertising is beneficial for me. I'd like to get more stats regarding connection types, IP addresses, browsers, etc. 

Use Case 3: Advertising in Locations with a Slow Internet Connection

I advertise my offers in regions where an Internet connection is often slow, so I'd like to have as little redirections as possible in my campaign funnels. I need a tracking method that, on one hand, allows me to track all events, and, on the other hand, accelerate the process of redirecting visitors to my offers.