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Dedicated Domain, Redirect Domain, Legacy Domains, and Custom Domains

Visit and conversion tracking is the key functionality of the Voluum platform. To be able to do that, Voluum needs to replace a domain in links that you use in your campaigns, click, and tracking pixel URLs, with a tracking domain set up in the Voluum settings. Once the domain is replaced, visits and conversions can be registered in Voluum because all traffic, that you want to measure, is redirected through the Voluum platform.

Dedicated Domain

Dedicated Domain is a top-level unique domain assigned to your account and provided by Voluum. The main advantage of using the Dedicated Domain is that the domain is not shared with other Voluum users. Every user has the different domain assigned what means that users build their own reputation and your traffic is not affected by other users. Additionally, setting up the Dedicated Domain is very simple and effortless, even if you have used the legacy domain till now.

Furthermore, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is supported for the Dedicated Domain setup, thus within it you can set up a secure connection (https://) for your campaign URLs. However, you need to take into account that the SSL option is turned off by default and you need to turn it on manually.

Custom Domains

If you need to run a live ad campaign with real money, it is highly recommended to add your own Custom Domain. The Custom Domain allows you to track traffic only from your campaigns regardless of other users activities. Even more, by adding the Custom Domain you can customize the campaign, click and tracking pixel URLs selectively, per campaign(s), with a domain of your choice.

To learn how to set up the Custom Domain in Voluum, go to the Adding a Custom Domain article. You might also find the following links useful:

Redirect Domain

In Voluum, the Redirect Domain is by default set to redirectvoluum.com or, if the Dedicated Domain is assigned to your account, it is the same as the Dedicated Domain.

This is the domain commonly known as a masking domain used to display its name while redirecting a visitor. Although, there is the default domain available, it is highly recommended to use the custom domain as the redirect domain in Voluum, in particular when you want to use the Double meta refresh option in the campaign’s settings. The Double meta refresh option allows you to load the page’s head twice, so you can, for example, hide the referrer’s data while redirecting visitors to your offer.

Moreover, mind that you can set up a secure connection for the Redirect Domain. To learn how to enable SSL for the Redirect Domain, read the Enabling SSL for a Redirect Domain article.


Voluum Note: The redirect subdomain for Dedicated Domain is no longer supported. If you have the redirect.your_dedicated.domain.com name used, your traffic will still flow, however SSL for the Redirect Domain will not be supported. Update your setup with the Dedicated Domain name, without the tracking subdomain. Until you do, your tracking domain with the redirect subdomain will be visible in the UI as a Custom Redirect Domain.

Legacy Domains


Voluum Note: If you have registered to Voluum on 1st of December 2017 or later, you will not see the legacy domains in the Domains tab. By default, the Dedicated Domain is assigned to your account and might be immediately used to set up your campaign funnels.

However, you need to keep in mind that if you need to use secure links in the campaign funnels, you need to manually turn on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for your Dedicated Domain. Once the SSL has been enabled, the secure postback URL will be automatically generated for you containing the Dedicated Domain's name.

For more information, go to the The Dedicated Domain Setup: Enabling SSL for a Dedicated Domain article.

For testing purposes you can always use the legacy domain offered by Voluum. However, you need to keep in mind that the legacy domain might be shared by other Voluum users, thus there is a risk that they may potentially get flagged by various third party services such as antivirus software or traffic sources. As a result, using the legacy domain may limit the traffic sources that you can run campaigns on. That is the reason why the legacy domain is a perfect solution when you're looking for doing a quick test with Voluum, but if you want to start tracking your campaigns, the best approach is to set up the custom domain or use the Dedicated Domain offered by Voluum. Moreover, the legacy domain is going to be soon deprecated and removed from Voluum.

You can easily recognize whether you use the legacy Voluum domain because all the legacy domains follow one of the following patterns:

  • unique_subdomain_name.trackvoluum.com

  • unique_subdomain_name.voluumtrk.com

  • unique_subdomain_name.voluumtrk2.com

  • unique_subdomain_name.voluumtrk3.com

Ok, so what is the Main Domain option?

The main domain is used as a domain while generating campaign, click, and tracking pixel URLs. In one campaign funnel all those URLs need to be set with the same domain. You can set up as a main domain either the Dedicated Domain or your custom domain added to the Voluum platform. Once you have selected the domain from the drop-down menu, the domain name will be automatically set up in all campaign, click, tracking pixel URLs in the Voluum platform. In this case, the legacy domains are used as backup domains that allow to quickly substitute your main domain in case it has been compromised.

For example, if you have selected the custom domain, http://track.mydomain.com, as the main domain, the custom domain will be set to the campaign, click, and tracking pixel URLs as the domain:

  • Click URL: http://track.mydomain.com/click

  • Campaign URL: http://track.mydomain.com/cf16502c-ba40-47cc-ab6d-3a29a2d6f006?advert_id=&age=&gender=

  • Tracking pixel URL: http://track.mydomain.com/conversion.gif?cid={clickid}&payout={payout_id}


The below information is only addressed to you if you have the legacy domains available in Voluum.

Voluum Note: The rule of setting up the main domain to the URL does not apply to the conversion tracking URLs such as postback URL or tracking pixel URL, in particular when you use a secure connection (https://). The Dedicated Domain is always used as a domain for the conversion tracking URLs unless the SSL certificate is disabled for the Dedicated Domain. If so, one of the legacy domain is used as a domain for the secure URLs.

For example, there is the http://frequence-seputy.com Dedicated Domain with the disabled SSL option and the http://ap2db.voluumtrk2.com legacy domain, the tracking URLs will be set up as follows:

  • Postback URL: http://frequence-seputy.com/postback?cid={clickid}&payout={payout_id}

  • Secure postback URL: https://ap2db.voluumtrk.com/postback?cid={clickid}&payout={payout_id}

When you have enabled the SSL certificate for the Dedicated Domain, the tracking URLs will change accordingly:

  • Postback URL: http://frequence-seputy.com/postback?cid={clickid}&payout={payout_id}

  • Secure postback URL: https://frequence-seputy.com/postback?cid={clickid};payout={payout_id}

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